Consumer Alert: Evidence of Invalid Auto Insurance Documentation Identified in New Brunswick: The Co-operators

GUELPH, ON, Nov. 5, 2004 – It has come to the attention of The Co-operators that some New Brunswick residents were misled into purchasing what they believed to be auto insurance policies from
individuals falsely claiming to represent The Co-operators. These individuals do not have a valid license to sell insurance and do not represent The Co-operators in any way whatsoever.

Here are some tips and warning signs to consider in determining whether your auto insurance is valid:

  • Did you fill out an auto insurance application? By law, all insurance policies require completion of a standard insurance application containing personal information, including your licence number and driving history.

  • Were you told you could only obtain insurance if you paid cash? Legitimate insurers provide numerous payment options.

  • Were you asked to sign over registration of your vehicle to a third party? Even though your vehicle may be registered in another name (such as that of a company or leasing firm), you would never be required to sign over ownership of your vehicle as a condition for obtaining insurance.

  • Is the Canada Inter-Province “pink slip” you were issued with your auto insurance authentic? It should be perforated around the edges and be pink with white, blue and black lettering and markings. It should not be a photo copy.

Police are currently investigating this matter and The Co-operators is working closely with them. If you are aware of anyone falsely representing themselves as providers of auto insurance, you should contact the RCMP. If you have questions or concerns about the validity of your auto insurance policy with The Co-operators, please contact your local agent of The Co-operators or leave a message at the following toll-free number: 1-866-788-2488.