Government of Nova Scotia releases study on the use of gender in setting auto insurance rates

November 1, 2004 – The studies were prepared for government by the Nova Scotia Insurance Review Board and address two topics: — the rates and availability of fire, other property, casualty, and liability insurance for homeowners, tenants, non-profit organizations and small business; and — the use of gender as a risk classification factor in determining automobile insurance rates.

The study on property and casualty insurance makes 23 recommendations to government and industry to deal with the affordability and availability of insurance products. The study on gender recommends that gender not be used as a factor in establishing auto insurance rates.

Ron Russell, Minister responsible for insurance, said government will now take time to review the findings. He said it would seek response and feedback from affected groups and individuals before making any decisions.

The studies were required by government as part of the legislative and regulatory reform to the province’s auto insurance system, implemented in the fall of 2003.

The studies are available under the reports category on the board’s website at