Nova Scotia WCB Launches Social Marketing Campaign To Reduce Workplace Injuries

24 Nova Scotians Seriously Injured On-the-Job Every Day

HALIFAX, Oct. 20, 2004 – Every day in Nova Scotia, 24 people are seriously injured on-the-job, giving Nova Scotia one of the worst accident frequency rates in Canada. Later today the Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) of Nova Scotia launches a major social marketing campaign aimed at reducing the number of workplace injuries.

“Too many Nova Scotians are being hurt on the job,” said Nancy MacCready-Williams, the recently appointed Chief Executive Officer of the WCB. “Every day, 90 claims are registered with the WCB. That works out to 34,000 a year. Of those 34,000 claims, 24 a day are serious enough to be a lost-time-injury. That means 24 lives changed and interrupted, often drastically and sometimes forever. We cannot accept the human and economic toll of workplace injuries.”

The WCB assumed responsibility for reducing the number of workplace injuries in late 2003. Its new social marketing campaign, which will begin tomorrow with television ads, was carefully researched with Nova Scotian workers and employers in urban and rural areas. The WCB reviewed social marketing campaigns from around the world to determine what would work best in Nova Scotia. The result is a campaign that focuses on the consequences of workplace injuries. In addition to television ads, the campaign also includes radio ads, posters and a dedicated web site, This portion of the campaign will run for over 18 months.

“We need to help people recognize and understand what can happen to them and their families if they are injured on the job,” said MacCready-Williams. “By changing their attitudes toward safety, we encourage people to change their behaviour on-the-job. This will ultimately reduce the number of people hurt in the workplace.”

The Workers’ Compensation Board of Nova Scotia provides comprehensive workplace injury insurance to over 18,000 employers and approximately 300,000 workers in Nova Scotia.