Aviva Canada “Autograph” Program Enables Drivers to Align Driving Habits with Lower Auto Insurance Premiums

Program trial to give consumers more control over premiums based on how much, how fast and the time of day they drive

October 14, 2004, SCARBOROUGH, ON – Testing will begin in early 2005 on a new auto insurance program that enables drivers to track their daily driving habits to gain premium discounts of up to 25 per cent. Aviva Canada, one of the nation�s largest Property & Casualty insurance groups and the largest auto insurer in Ontario, has exclusive rights to this innovative program in Canada and will begin testing in Ontario in early 2005.

�Insurance consumers have been asking for more clarity and control over how their premium is set,� says Igal Mayer, President & CEO, Aviva Canada Inc. �Autograph is a way for drivers to better understand and positively influence their auto insurance premium.�

Aviva Canada, working with select Ontario insurance brokers, is seeking 5,000 participants in Ontario to test the Autograph program.

How it works

Autograph will enable eligible program participants to accurately track their driving behaviours using a data-gathering device that plugs into the diagnostic port typically found under the steering column of most cars made since 1996. Then, they simply drive the car. The device records data on factors statistically proven to impact risk, including how much, how fast and when a car is driven.

Drivers can download the information from the device to their home computers with a USB port, whenever they wish, in order to review driving data, and determine their discount.

If they choose to, they can submit their data over a secure high-speed Internet connection to their insurer to be used as part of their insurance premium calculation. If they do choose to share this information, the minimum discount they will receive will be five per cent, just for participating. The maximum reward is a 25 per cent discount.

�Autograph is a big step in bringing more choice to the auto insurance consumer in Ontario,� says Bob Fitzgerald, Executive Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer, Aviva Insurance Company of Canada. �It�s also a way for us to recognize safe driving behaviours, and reward drivers with responsible driving habits.�

Key benefits for participating include:

  • Premiums are more reflective of how a vehicle is actually driven � thus drivers have more control

  • Drivers always have choice � they make the choice to participate, and also make the choice to share their data. The insurer will never see information that the driver has not seen first.

  • Whether or not the driver elects to submit the data to the insurance company, Autograph gives them valuable information on their driving patterns.

The patent pending Autograph technology is part of an exclusive agreement with U.S. insurer Progressive Casualty Insurance. Drivers who wish to see if they qualify for the Autograph program can find out at avivacanada.com.

About Aviva Canada

Aviva Canada is one of the country’s largest property & casualty insurance groups and the largest auto insurer in Ontario. It has six member companies, more than 3,000 employees, 40 locations, and more than 2.2 million policies in Canada. Aviva Canada and its employees proudly support community causes including the United Way, the Scarborough Hospital Foundation and the Stratford Festival of Canada. Visit our website avivacanada.com.