Applied Systems Canada, Inc. and ING Insurance Company of Canada are Pleased to Announce Canadas First Real-Time Insurance Transaction Powered by WARP

Mississauga, Ontario Canada, October 4, 2004: Working with Applied Systems Canada, Inc.; ING is launching “Savers through TAM,” a real-time workflow built on the ING portal and Applied Systems Canada WARP Technologies.

ING created Savers to provide brokers with a true point of sale system for personal insurance. The Savers system allows brokers to quote and issue new business for Personal Auto and Personal Property in BC and Alberta, as well as the combined Home & Auto product in Alberta. Even though Savers has been well accepted by many brokers, there is still room for improvement. As a single company system, most brokers face a double entry situation to generate multi market quotes for their clients.

To address this, ING has worked with Applied with the goal of linking The Agency Manager® (TAM) and Savers through Applied’s real-time insurance technology – WARP. The integration of TAM and Savers will allow brokers to enjoy the full benefits of TAM, as well as the guaranteed rates and point of sale functionality of Savers, without double entry. Since the integration is done using CSIO standards, it will be possible for other broker systems to create these benefits for their broker clients in the future. This integration is one of a number of ING-supported initiatives aimed at enabling brokers to do business with ING in the manner most effective for them.

This integration is in its pilot phase and is currently only available for Alberta private passenger vehicles. ING and Applied will be working on other provinces & products based on broker adoption.

Western Financial Group, the pilot broker for this project, is extremely pleased with this development.

“This is the type of workflow that brokers everywhere should have access to. It allows brokers to maintain the integrity of their data systems while taking advantage of leading technology offerings from our carriers. Our CSRs are excited about the ‘Savers through TAM’ workflow,” said Tom Dutton, President of WFG Agency Network Inc.

“We are excited to have our first live WARP transaction up and running in Canada,” states Greg Purdy, CEO of Applied Systems Canada. “The ‘Savers through TAM’ workflow is a testament of ING’s and Applied’s combined commitment to providing a more streamlined workflow for the Canadian insurance industry.”

About Applied Systems Canada, Inc.

Applied Systems is a leading provider of automation solutions for the property and casualty insurance industry. Since 1983, we have been developing software for independent insurance agents, brokers, managing general agents, insurance companies and other financial institutions with insurance operations, such as banks. We have helped over 10,000 clients take their operations to new levels of success with our leading management system The Agency Manager®. The Diamond System™, a policy processing system for insurance companies, and our success in Electronic Data Interchange have propelled Applied Systems as the technology frontrunner of the industry. Combined with our consulting services, rating solutions and third party integration, Applied has the ability to automate the insurance transaction at every level of the distribution system.