Roundabout opening in Surrey 8th Ave aims to reduce crashes: ICBC

A new roundabout is opening to traffic at 8th Ave and King George Highway in Surrey on Wednesday, Sept.15.

September, 2004 – The Ministry of Transportation, under an agreement with Transport Canada, has funded the 8th Avenue widening project, including construction of a new single-lane roundabout. ICBC is also contributing funding to the roundabout through its road improvement program and is partnering with the Ministry of Transportation in a driver education campaign.

A roundabout is an intersection having a one-way circulation around a central island where entering traffic must yield the right-of-way to circulating traffic. While relatively new to British Columbia, roundabouts have been common in Europe and in other areas of North America for about 100 years. About 10 �modern� roundabouts have been built in BC over the past three years.

Roundabouts are designed to make intersections safer by reducing speeds and helping to prevent �Tee-bone� and head-on collisions.

As many drivers and other road users may not be familiar with using a roundabout, it�s important to keep in mind the rules for its proper use.

Driving tips on how to use a Roundabout:

When entering, drivers should:

  • Apply the same caution used when approaching any yield sign.
  • Be prepared to stop, yield to pedestrians and wait for a sufficient gap in the circulating traffic before entering the roundabout.
  • Circulate toward the desired exit.

When exiting, you should:

  • Signal a right turn in advance of your exit location.
  • Yield to pedestrians that may be crossing on the exit lane.

If you encounter an emergency vehicle:

  • Drive with caution but do not stop inside the roundabout.
  • Once you exit the roundabout, stop and allow the emergency vehicle to pass.

Pedestrians and Cyclists

At each approach to the roundabout, there is a clearly marked pedestrian crossing. Pedestrians should cross only at these designated crosswalks.

There is a shared pedestrian-cycle path connecting to the crosswalks. Cyclists can use either the shared pedestrian-cycle path or ride inside the roundabout.

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