Back to School for Students, Drivers: ICBC

VICTORIA � The provincial government and police are urging motorists to exercise extra caution in school zones as summer holidays come to an end for children across the province, Solicitor General Rich Coleman said today.

�School starts on Tuesday, September 7, and police will be paying special attention to ensure drivers respect school zone speed limits,� Coleman said. �After their holidays, kids often forget road safety rules. Drivers need to be particularly careful at this time of year whenever they drive near a school.�

When school is in session, a 30-km/h school zone speed limit is in effect during the posted times, and vehicles must stop for school buses when their lights are flashing.

The Insurance Corporation of BC and Autoplan Brokers will be encouraging school zone safety through the �Kids are There, Drive with Care� publicity campaign, and community initiatives including:

  • The yellow ribbon campaign, which uses bright ribbons to remind motorists to slow down in school zones.

  • The Way to Go! program, which helps children find a safe route to school.

  • The school zone lawn sign campaign, which sets up signs in school zones encouraging drivers to slow down.