Configuring the Agile Organization: How to Reduce Time to Market by 50%: Sapiens Whitepaper

Judy Johnson, Vice President of Insurance for Sapiens Americas, provides insight into the importance of a company’s ability to respond quickly to change in the industry or market sector. By configuring products, services or processes, a company can meet customer demands or bring products to market in half the time needed by the competition. Ms. Johnson discusses in a three part thought leadership series, how configuration tools allow companies to become real-time, adaptive organizations in today’s economy.

Businesses face an increasingly volatile competitive and risky marketplace. In many cases jockeying for market position has deteriorated into a fight for survival. To stay in the game, organizations must respond rapidly to directional, structural, and relationship changes within their industry or market sector. Their attempt to control the time, costs, and complexity associated with doing business is crucial to becoming an agile business.

Configuration can dramatically decrease a business’ time to market. Systems that allow products, services, or processes to be configured can help companies meet customer demands or bring products to market in half the time needed by the competition to make similar moves. For example, the ability to configure new insurances products and services and seamlessly translate them into business applications would greatly increase the speed to deployment. Proper configuration provides an organization with various benefits and helps speed the market process. To prevent long implementation delays, cost overruns and missed opportunities, businesses should look to foster the configuration of products, services, and processes to become a real-time, adaptive organization.

Review the Whitepaper, pdf, 72kb.

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