SAS claims top spot in analyst firm Marketing Automation Software report: IDC

Report shows SAS clear leader in revenue for burgeoning software sector

TORONTO (Aug 17, 2004) � Analyst firm IDC has recognized SAS as the revenue leader in marketing automation software. The IDC report (�Worldwide Marketing and Sales Automation Applications 2003 Vendor Shares: Mixed News for Vendors,� IDC #31585, July 2004) examines the marketing and sales automation applications market for 2001-2003. It features a competitive analysis of vendors, including 2003 revenue and market share, as well as profiles of the leading vendors. The report also identifies the keys to future success for these leading vendors.

IDC estimates the total market size for marketing automation software applications at $1.49 billion in 2004. According to the report, SAS owns a 7.9 percent market share � the largest of any vendor – with $117.3 million in revenues in 2003. SAS� 24.1 percent growth greatly surpassed the overall market growth of 1.4 percent.

In its report, IDC described SAS as follows:

  • SAS Institute has come to the business side of the marketing world from a strong position in analytics and data management, and its marketing software shows that heritage. One of the central challenges of integrating analytics into an application for nonstatisticians is the level of sophistication that the software company chooses – too little and the users are forced to seek additional software to answer their questions, too much and the users ignore the analytics as rocket science (to the detriment of their questions). SAS has addressed this issue by carefully researching usability issues and by using a linked tabular and graphical approach to convey relatively complex concepts. SAS also integrates BI, metadata management, and its Enterprise Miner data mining product into its marketing automation.1

The marketing automation market is projected to increase significantly. �We anticipate accelerating growth over the next five years for marketing automation,� said Bob Blumstein, research director for IDC. �We project the market will grow to $2.31 billion by the end of 2008, a 9.1 percent compounded annual growth rate for the 2003-08 period, and the newly released SAS� Marketing Automation 4, SAS has the depth to address the business needs of the marketer while providing a robust technology infrastructure for IT. This positions SAS to capitalize on the growth of the marketing automation market.�

�IDC�s report underscores SAS� leadership in marketing automation software, and validates our emphasis on bringing together data management and advanced analytics to help marketers succeed,� said Jim Davis, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at SAS. �As the only vendor to provide marketing automation and business intelligence on a unified and highly extensible enterprise-class platform, SAS is extremely well positioned to build upon our market leadership, respond to emerging trends, and deliver value to our customers through SAS Marketing Automation.�

The IDC report defines marketing automation as software for automating a wide array of marketing processes, including campaign execution, lead qualification distribution, brand management, collateral management, trade show management, and Web advertising.

About SAS

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