Accident Support Services International Ltd. Announces Collision Reporting and Occurrence Management System II

Insurance Industry’s Newest and Most Powerful Tool

Toronto, Ontario, Thursday, August 12, 2004

Accident Support Services International Ltd. (ASSI), the company that created, and have been managing Collision Reporting Centres across the Province of Ontario for the past ten years, have just unveiled a program that will change the way Insurance Companies and Brokers receive and manage the transfer of post collision information. It is called the ‘Collision Reporting and Occurrence Management System’ or CROMS II.

Since Steve Sanderson founded the company back in 1994, ASSI has been providing Insurance Companies throughout Ontario with their policyholders ‘collision package’, which included the official police report, colour photos of the damaged vehicles, and all other critical information.

But not until today has Sanderson’s vision, backed by an enormous investment of time and capital, come to fruition – the ‘paperless reporting system’ is now in place.

Now, Insurance Companies will have immediate access to CROMS II, right from their desktop, allowing them to instantly review their clients’ official Ministry of Transportation Ontario documents, including their written report and diagram, scanned drivers license, insurance and ownership documents, third party and injury details, as well as colour photos of the vehicles. CROMS II’s centralized database allows Insurance Companies to download those pictures and documents whenever they are required.

Brokers will also have immediate notification, via the Electronic Broker Notice, which includes their clients’ name, date and location of the collision, and other brief details.

The immediate access to this critical information will help bring the high costs incurred in closing out a claim, back down to manageable levels.

And with the suspicious loss triggers that have been built into CROMS II, Insurance investigators will be able to identify suspicious losses within minutes, which will also help in keeping overall costs down. The system searches both the Insurance Bureau of Canada’s VIN Database, and CPIC, to verify the authenticity of a VIN number, and determine if it has been stolen, or had the VIN swapped.

With a detailed mapping program integrated into CROMS II, it is also now possible for investigators and civic planners to pinpoint problem locations within a few inches, in mere seconds.

Accident Support Services Int’l Ltd. is confident that by implementing CROMS II, we will have helped instill a new sense of public gratitude towards the Insurance industry, as it strides to provide the best in post collision care.

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