GeniSys is pleased to announce Mr. Ross Morton as the new Chairman of the Board

Toronto, Canada- August 11, 2004

GeniSys announced that Mr. Ross A. Morton, a leading life insurance consultant, has been appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Mr. Morton has 36 years of global life insurance and reinsurance experience with an emphasis on risk management and leadership. He operates his own consulting practice as well as assisting one of the world�s leading reinsurers internationally with risk management reviews, education and administrative benchmarking exercises. Mr. Morton specializes in assisting clients in adjusting to the challenges of tighter profit margins and prudent risk management and administration. He is constantly exposed to the best of life insurance operations and those who aspire to be amongst the best.

“Ross has been on the GeniSys board for two years and we are very happy to have him in his new capacity as Chairman” said Van Campbell, President and CEO of GeniSys. “Ross�s knowledge of the global life insurance industry is highly valued as GeniSys continues to execute its international growth plans.�

�In a period of 5 years, Van and his team have done an incredible job making GeniSys one of the premier providers of business process outsourcing (BPO) services for the life insurance sector said Mr. Morton. �I have been particularly impressed with and supportive of the company�s planned expansion beyond the Canadian market and the company�s commitment to creating a service environment unprecedented in the BPO space throughout the insurance world. I am especially looking forward to working with the other board members who have guided this company�s inspiring initiatives and lent counsel to the GeniSys team of insurance experts. The depth and breadth of experience of the GeniSys staff is well served by the unique and varied skills of the Board�

Mr. Morton heads a GeniSys Board of Directors made up of the following valued individuals: Caron Czorny, Bonita Then, Allan Reeve, Hugh Haney, Stephan Quinlan and Van Campbell.

Mr. Morton received his BA from the University of Toronto in 1969 and FLMI in 1974.Ross has given speeches on risk management subjects and worked with executives in 37 countries while writing numerous and diverse articles for a variety of media. He is married for 35 years with two great children.

About GeniSys®

GeniSys is an international provider of market leading front and back-end policy administration services for the life and health insurance market. Utilizing experienced insurance professionals, refined business processes and best-of-breed technologies, GeniSys is able to provide substantial cost-savings and increased efficiencies for end-to-end policy administration services. In 2003, GeniSys administered over 1.4 million policies and processed over 250,000 applications.

GeniSys� administrative solutions allow insurance carriers to:

  • Limit new technology investments
  • Alleviate onerous fixed-costs for policy administration processing
  • Generate revenue by focusing on their core-competency of selling and marketing insurance
  • Decrease time to market for new product initiatives

Founded in 2000, GeniSys is a privately held company headquartered in Canada. For more information please visit