Enterprise Underwriting: Strategic Direction – A White Paper from Camilion Solutions, August 2004

Today�s larger insurers report having to support over 20 underwriting systems, many of which are on older and often disparate technologies, making it nearly impossible to share data across divisions, lines of business, and market segments. This patchwork of systems neither enables best practices, nor offers the tools and flexibility made possible by today�s technology.

An enterprise underwriting environment is the assembly of enterprise-grade components that, when working together, make it possible for underwriting organizations to implement best practices and flexibility in the areas of work management, product development and product management. Together, these components also enable the organization to start consolidating systems, reducing the overall IT burden and total cost of ownership.

An enterprise underwriting environment addresses both the business and the IT organizations� needs by providing a set of systems, tools and process methodologies that leverage the latest in technology standards, allowing executives, underwriters, service representatives, brokers, agents, managers, and IT resources to perform their duties and achieve a level of productivity never possible in the past.

“Enterprise Underwriting: Strategic Direction” – A White Paper from Camilion Solutions, a pdf of about 700KB, can be downloaded for viewing.

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