TSI Crash Tests Results Now a Published Paper

TSI conducted a series of crash tests in 2003, focusing on low speed impacts and the kinematics responses of the occupants. This testing was done to replicate other testing which was carried out in the United States, so that the results could be utilized as evidence in a Judicial Proceeding.

TSI’s paper, Comparative Analysis of Low Speed Live Occupant Crash Test Results to Current Literature, written by Dan Mills and Gary Carty, was recently presented at the Canadian Multidisciplinary Road Safety Conference XIV in Ottawa Ontario.

The paper summarized crash testing completed by TSI and compared our results with previously published, peer reviewed papers.

The process of publishing a paper in this scientific conference involved submitting the manuscript for a blind peer review that involved at least three independent reviewers. Members of the technical review committee consist of, bio-mechanists, engineers, statisticians, collision Reconstructionists and numerous other road safety professionals. Review of each paper was assigned to members of the committee that had the required skill set to complete a technical review on the assigned topics. Once this process was completed, accepted papers were published on a CD of the conference proceedings.

During the conference, authors of each paper were given twenty minutes to present information relating to their research and findings. Our paper was presented in the “Motor Vehicle Testing and Control” plenary session. Papers presented in the same session involved dynamic testing of vehicle seats for whiplash protection.

Download the paper “Comparative Analysis of Low Speed Live Occupant Crash Test Results to Current Literature” in pdf 133kb.

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