DWL Customer™ Benchmarks Released

Leading CDI Solution Achieves Unprecedented Performance and Scalability Results on IBM Infrastructure

Atlanta, GA – July 22, 2004 – DWL, the leader in customer data integration (CDI) solutions, today announced the results of performance testing conducted on the leading enterprise customer hub, DWL Customer™. The results outperform any existing benchmarks of this kind for customer data integration solutions and detailed performance results show that DWL Customer is meeting the most demanding performance requirements of any organization.

The benchmark, the results of which are published in an IBM Redbook, was conducted to demonstrate performance and scalability of DWL’s CDI solution, DWL Customer™, on IBM e-server pSeries hardware on an AIX platform, running IBM Websphere� Application server Advanced Edition. DWL Customer™ was tested with 85 million account records containing 105 million customer records in the database, at a rate of approximately 600,000 transactions per hour. DWL Customer™ delivered an average throughput of approximately 165 transactions per second with an average latency ranging from 124 milliseconds to 288 milliseconds (comprised of a mixture of add, update, inquiry transactions), while adding more than 10,000 new parties per one-half hour.

“We’re pleased these published benchmarks are available and offer proof points as to how robust and performance-driven some CDI solutions can be, especially off-the-shelf packaged solutions utilizing the latest technologies,” said Bryan Ashley, vice president, marketing and business development, DWL. “As we continue to see increasing demand for CDI solutions, it will be vital for organizations to evaluate if CDI solutions are designed to perform and scale in their own complex IT environments.”

About DWL Customer™

DWL Customer™ is an enterprise customer hub that unifies customer data and transactions from product silos and delivers this knowledge to all channels. It is based on a ‘service-oriented architecture’ and built on J2EE standards, making it the most scalable and market-proven application for customer data integration. Additionally, DWL Customer™ can allow organizations to derive additional ROI from current CRM implementations and even failed CRM projects that lacked sufficient customer data management foundations or a customer hub during the time of implementation. DWL Customer™ can also integrate with the leading Enterprise Information Integration (EII) solutions such as IBM Information Integrator and complements so-called virtual EII solutions.

About IBM Redbooks

IBM Redbooks are developed and published by IBM’s International Technical Support Organization, the ITSO. They develop and deliver skills, technical know-how, and materials to technical professionals of IBM, Business Partners, and customers, and to the marketplace generally. For more information about IBM’s Redbooks Paper and to access a copy please visit www.dwl.com or http://publib-b.boulder.ibm.com/Redbooks.nsf/RedpaperAbstracts/redp3885.html?Open

About DWL

DWL is the leader in Enterprise Business Services software, an emerging class of service-oriented applications. DWL works with organizations worldwide to address enterprise-wide customer data integration (CDI) strategies using DWL Customer™, the leading enterprise customer data hub. DWL Customer™ gives organizations a unified view of their customer across multiple product and business silos. It delivers this single, real-time view and update environment to all channels, enabling multi-channel integration and consistent customer service.

Founded in 1996, DWL is headquartered in Atlanta and has offices in New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Toronto, London, S�o Paulo and Kuala Lumpur. DWL clients include MetLife, J.P. Morgan Chase, Citi Cards, Atlantic Blue Cross Care, Empire Financial, Nationwide Insurance, Co-operators and UnumProvident. DWL has strategic relationships with IBM, BEA Systems and Sun Microsystems. Key system integrator alliances include IBM Business Consulting Services and Accenture. DWL has been recognized by Deloitte as one of the fastest growing technology companies in North America for the past two years and as a leading CDI solutions provider by technology research analyst firms.