Broker Affiliate Program Now Launched has now launched their Broker Affiliate Program.

The Affiliate Program is designed so that Associate Agents, their clients and all come out winners. The program is very flexible, and can be tailored to suit the needs of their Broker Associates.

Affiliation Benefits, as an MGA, offers extremely attractive commissions to their Associate Members, including overrides.

Associate Agents will be able to offer their clients health benefits that are exclusive to

Producing Broker Affiliates are still paid commission if purchasers in their area buy directly from, a leading internet insurance marketer, ranks very well in all leading search engines. They receive a high volume of traffic every day from Canadians interested in all types of insurance.

Producing agents qualify for free leads in their area.

Toll-free assistance for both Associate Agents and their clients.

Unlimited, instant individual health insurance quotes from the web site.

Services are constantly being upgraded.

Broker’s Corner (coming soon): Associate Agent’s can view statisics such as commissions paid, commissions owing, pending policies, etc. .

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