Camilion Solutions Introduces Camilion Underwriter

Pre-configured solution delivers best practices and saves time

TORONTO, ON- July 8, 2004- Camilion Solutions, the leading provider of product management software for the insurance industry, today announced the introduction of Camilion Underwriter, a pre-configured solution built with Product Innovator, the company’s flagship product offering, making it easier than ever for Property and Casualty insurers to speed the introduction of new products to market.

Leveraging the advanced capabilities of Product Configurator and Product Process Manager, Camilion has pre-configured enterprise underwriting components to deliver a flexible best practices solution. Camilion Underwriter supplies the underwriting staff with a workbench, used to review and assess policies throughout lifecycle events; as well as a diary and worklist subsystem that automatically assigns work based on rules and promotes collaboration with the field and partners. Camilion Underwriter can be coupled with any product definition to deliver a configuration-based, workflow-driven, end-to-end underwriting solution.

“In the past, we’ve shown clients that they can use Product Innovator to create solutions tailored to their underwriting environment,” explains Lori Nave, VP Marketing, Camilion Solutions. “Now, with Camilion Underwriter, we’re offering this functionality out-of-the-box, reducing implementation time and effort. In the coming months we will be releasing ACORD P&C based product configuration solutions to extend the value of Camilion Underwriter across various product lines.”

Benefits of the new solution include:

  • Helps insurers quickly deploy support solutions for new products
  • Leverages the benefits of enterprise product data and rules being defined in the Product Configurator
  • Allows insurers to adapt Camilion Underwriter to meet their specific needs.

Once insurers have implemented Camilion Underwriter, new product introductions are simply a matter of using Product Configurator to define new products, their market and jurisdiction variations, and then publishing the new products to Camilion’s Product Repository for distribution.

About Camilion Solutions, Inc.

Camilion Solutions, Inc. is the leading provider of Product Management solutions for the insurance industry, enabling insurance companies to quickly and efficiently launch new products into target market segments and manage the increasing complexity and proliferation of product features across multiple
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