New Travel Insurance Products Available from TIC July 1, 2004

June 15, 2004, Vancouver, BC – T.I.C. Travel Insurance Coordinators (“T.I.C.”) is pleased to announce several additions to its existing line of travel insurance products. As a result of the merger between T.I.C. and Trent Health (“Trent”), travel agents across the country are now able to increase their sales with a medically underwritten plan, an individual student plan and a plan for Canadian expatriates.

The Medically Underwritten Plan is an important new product addition. It provides insurance coverage to travellers of all ages who have pre-existing conditions or have received treatment or medication in the recent past. The plan covers disclosed health conditions and is a competitive travel insurance option for the Snowbird market.

The newly available Health Advantage Student International Plan provides coverage for international students studying in Canada who wish to purchase insurance where a T.I.C. school group plan is unavailable. Coverage includes emergency hospital and outpatient medical care, in addition to several extended benefits. This plan is for those students not eligible for provincial government health insurance coverage.

Also newly available, the Global Expatriate Plan covers Canadians who are working or living abroad and are no longer eligible for Canadian government health benefits, often due to the duration of their stay away from home. Coverage is available for emergency treatment of both new and pre-existing conditions.

Each of the new products is administered by Trent Health through an easy-to-use, toll free call centre where clients answers simple, health related questions and are quoted for coverage accordingly. In some cases, a medical questionnaire may be required.

More information on these products is available online at

About T.I.C. Travel Insurance Coordinators

T.I.C. Travel Insurance Coordinators has been providing affordably priced, high value travel insurance to Canadians and visitors to Canada since 1972. T.I.C.’s Travel Assistance and Claims departments are well known for excellence in customer service and efficient claims processing. Ruth Simons has been President and CEO of T.I.C. since 1994.

About Trent Health Group

The Trent Health group of companies (formerly Ingle Life & Health Assurance Company) was originally created to provide health insurance products to the Canadian market. Over the years it has evolved as a recognized leader in travel health insurance. SelectCare, a subsidiary of Trent Health, provides outsourced Claims and Travel Assistance as well as support for in-house products. Ruth Simons is President and CEO of Trent Health.