PlanPlus Inc. Advisors gain Access to Novinsoft Insurance Portal

June 2004 – PlanPlus Inc. and Novinsoft Inc. jointly announced today that all advisors using the PlanPlus Web Advisor on-line Financial Planning system are now hyper-linked to the Novinsoft Insurance Portal. This is the second on-line service to be integrated with the Novinsoft Portal. The CoVirt VirtGate Agency Management System was integrated earlier this year.

This link enables Web Advisor users to enter the Novinsoft Portal�s Single Entry Multiple Carrier Interface to illustrate multi-carrier Universal Life products, UL Sales Concepts, Needs Analyses, and more. Client information is passed from the Web Advisor System in an XMLife stream to initially populate the Novinsoft Quick Quote UL Illustration System. Novinsoft is offering all insurance distributors a free trial.

“Integration between financial planning tools and specific insurance illustrations has felt like the quest for the Holy Grail – it sounds great but it’s hard to put your hands on”, said Shawn Brayman, President of PlanPlus Inc. “After a financial planner has established the needs for his clients, it was a labour intensive process to then generate specific insurance product quotes for the implementation stage. The Internet, along with new insurance standards on the web, have finally opened the door on this obvious level of connectivity. We felt that the Novinsoft Insurance Portal offered the ideal solution for us to integrate to.”

Neil Menear, President of Novinsoft said, �With so many advisors offering both investment and insurance products as part of a complete financial plan, integrating our Insurance Portal with the PlanPlus Web Advisor made a lot of sense. It�s now very easy for an advisor to directly access our Portal from Web Advisor with existing client information, quickly go through some insurance needs analysis, run a multi-carrier product illustration report and add this to his client�s overall plan.�

About PlanPlus Inc.

PlanPlus Inc. is a leading provider of wealth management solutions to financial services firms worldwide. Our approach is based on 15 years of experience in delivering personal financial planning and investment advisory tools.

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About Novinsoft

Novinsoft is a leading developer of Life Insurance Illustration Systems, Needs Analysis, and Sales Concept sales software for the Canadian Financial Services industry.

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