Recent recoveries in Ontario highlight the reality of vehicle theft

Stolen equipment as well as a BMW 325 returned safely

6/1/2004 – Ontario thieves are taking advantage of the good weather � luckily Boomerang trackers are right behind them! Several recent tracking operations in Ontario were of particular note:

Equipment thieves foiled

Thieves drove off with over $100,000 in equipment from a work site in Woodbridge, Ontario including two recent-model CASE 90 machines and a Roller. Boomerang Security Central was advised as soon as the theft was noticed and our tracking team was on the trail. Within an hour, all three pieces of equipment were back in the hands of local police authorites and the thieves arrested.

Home break-in with a happy ending

A home break-in in Toronto resulted with the thieves stealing the keys to the owner�s BMW 325 � and then his car. Thanks to the rapid response of Boomerang Tracking�s in-house tracking team, the thief was stopped across town, much to the relief of its owner. Not only did the owner get his car back, but all the stolen valuables from the break-in!

Two trailers, two provinces, two arrests

A stolen Peterbilt from St-Zotique, Quebec led our tracking team to Lindsay, Ontario, where the $70,000 piece of equipment was recovered along with two trailers with a value of $40,000 each, as well as a cache of heavy-duty steel cable worth an estimated $100,000. The trailers were registered in the province of Alberta. Two arrests were made at the scene.

To date, the Boomerang Tracking System has been instrumental in the recovery of over 3,300 stolen assets valued at some $166 million including incidental recoveries. For more details on the Boomerang tracking devices, visit

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Boomerang Tracking Inc. markets and distributes the Boomerang� tracking devices, proprietary products using technology patented by the Company. The Boomerang, Boomerang2TM and GSM-based units are central devices in a system that uses the wireless networks of large telecommunications companies for tracking stolen assets. The Boomerang Tracking System is capable of locating stolen vehicles, heavy equipment and valuable assets. As a result of its success, the Company has received the endorsement of members of the insurance industry. The Boomerang devices are available and installed through a network of authorized dealers in Quebec and Ontario. The Company�s head office, research and development center and manufacturing facilities are located in Montreal, Quebec, with regional facilities located in Mississauga, Ontario and Orange County, California. Boomerang is a registered trademark and Boomerang2 is a trademark of Boomerang Tracking Inc. Boomerang Tracking Inc. shares are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol BMG.