InSystems Calligo Enterprise 5.1 Announced

Functionality Promotes Business Agility; Strengthens and Streamlines Document Processes

May 24, 2004, ACORD LOMA Insurance Systems Forum, Las Vegas � InSystems, a specialist in complex document and compliance automation for insurance and financial services organizations announces InSystems Calligo Enterprise 5.1, a suite of integrated document capabilities that enable organizations to create, manage and distribute high volume, highly personalized, complex, error-free documents while streamlining document workflow and collaboration processes. Using InSystems Calligo Enterprise 5.1, organizations can control complex and distributed business processes using an integrated workflow subsystem, promoting business agility by enabling organizations to respond quickly to changing business conditions and customer expectations.

InSystems Calligo Enterprise 5.1 includes a number of enhancements, capabilities and infrastructure upgrades designed to facilitate enterprise document production. The more significant of these include:

  • Hyperlinks and PDF bookmarks in rendered PDF documents offering easier navigation for end users and the ability to link to external sources.

  • Propagation of categories and attributes into non-Calligo documents to provide enhanced search capability and faster access to documents.

  • Enhanced Document Management System (DMS), a more intuitive and user-friendly approach to managing documents, creating and leveraging workflows and providing an effective collaboration environment.

  • Support for dynamic creation of graphs and charts within the document assembly process without compromising generation/processing time. Users have the ability to specify data to be used, graph/chart types and properties.

“There is no end in sight for complex, personalized multi-format document creation and multi-channel output requirements. Documents and the processes that surround them, remain core to any organization’s success,” according to Andrew Warzecha, Senior Vice President, Technology Research Services, META Group. “Document automation technology is critically-tied to the cost of doing business, time to market, legal risk, organizational consistency and cost savings. The issue is no longer enabling just the individual. To effect business process improvement, you need to enable the organization — connecting people, processes and information.”

�The velocity of business continues to accelerate and insurance organizations need to continuously respond to market requirements with agility by streamlining document automation within business processes. InSystems Calligo Enterprise 5.1 has been designed to enable organizations to achieve operational excellence while responding quickly to escalating customer expectations,� said Neil Betteridge, Director of Marketing, InSystems. �The enhancements found in InSystems Calligo Enterprise 5.1 provide insurance organizations with richer document automation functionality and further automate processes for managing the entire insurance document lifecycle.�

About InSystems

InSystems specializes in complex document and compliance automation for insurance and financial services. Its software solutions allow organizations to achieve operational excellence by automating the creation, management and multi-channel distribution of customized documents, and streamlining the product development and regulatory filing processes. InSystems� solutions give business users more control, with less dependence on IT resources. These solutions are developed, delivered and supported by a team with specialized knowledge and experience. InSystems ( has more than 350 insurance customers, including over 50 of the 100 largest insurance groups in North America. InSystems, founded in 1989, is a subsidiary of Standard Register ( a $1 billion provider of information solutions.