IVANS Announces New Features to Real-Time Services Available Through Transformation Station™

With IVANS Real-Time Growth Expanding to Record Levels, New Additions will Provide Workflow Improvements

April 16, 2004, Old Greenwich, Conn. – IVANS, Inc. announced today the general availability of new features to Transformation Station which make it easier for carriers and agents to communicate in real-time. The features include the ability to send and receive attachments, receive alerts regarding activities such as claim actions or cancellations, streamline endorsement processing and conduct Web site navigation and sign-on. Transformation Station is the leading Internet managed data exchange using Web services and ACORD XML to enable real-time transactions between insurance carriers and independent agents and brokers.

�The Web services based, real-time model allows us to provide our agency, company and vendor partners with new, innovative types of transactions that will have a positive impact on agency-carrier workflows,� says Janice Sheffield, divisional vice president for IVANS. Transformation Station is currently growing at a rate of 28% per month in transactions, and growing to the level of what it took 10 years for batch transactions to reach.

With the number of endorsements processed every day, carriers and agents will benefit from streamlining the endorsement process. The �Endorsement Bridge� will provide the ability for the agent to bridge to the company Web site from the client file in the agency system. An element in the data stream will allow the carrier to recognize the type of endorsement, providing the carrier the ability to take them automatically to that section of the policy to make the change.

�Carriers have the need every day to alert agencies of such activities as a claim action, notice of cancellation or the availability of new marketing programs,� says Doug Johnston, executive vice president for Applied Systems. �Using Alerts, carriers can send notifications to their Applied agents via Transformation Station. When the Alert is received an Activity is created within The Agency Manager or Vision system. The activities attach themselves to the associated policy or claim record and appear automatically within the agency employees� workflow,� continues Johnston.

Thirty-seven insurance carriers now participate in Transformation Station, allowing them to communicate in real-time with agents, brokers and MGAs through nine different agency vendor platforms and two MGA systems. Currently, carriers and agents use Transformation Station to conduct over 5,000 transactions per day.


IVANS, Inc. provides the insurance and healthcare industries with fully managed network, EDI and agency-company interface solutions that provide seamless integration over public or private infrastructures. Headquartered in Old Greenwich, CT, IVANS serves over 475 insurance and healthcare organizations, more than 30,000 independent agents and 28,000 providers. IVANS, which was formed in 1983 by 21 insurance companies, has offices in Tampa, FL, and Cincinnati, OH.