Local partners joins youth oriented BC road safety program: C.A.R.S.BC and Thrifty Foods

VICTORIA, BC – C.A.R.S.BC and Thrifty Foods team up for the second year in a row to teach young drivers to be safe. The goal is to promote road safety in communities in order to save lives – one student at a time.

“C.A.R.S.BC is proud to partner with Thrifty Foods on this exciting initiative. Through this partnership our members are able to earn funds to enhance the road safety education in their schools,” said Shabna Ali, Executive Director C.A.R.S.BC. “Our members are dedicated to bringing road safety education to their peers, schools and communities. They are the heart of C.A.R.S.BC and without them our work would not be possible.”

The program is aimed at educating youth, providing them with the information they need to help their peers manage and reduce the risks associated with vehicles.

“Programs like C.A.R.S.BC deliver a very powerful message, one that empowers youth to make smart, safe choices whether they are a passenger or a driver,” said Milford Sorensen, President and CEO of Thrifty Foods. “Thrifty Foods wants to see that message delivered to high schools consistently, throughout the school year, and we are committed to doing whatever we can to ensure that happens.”

Thrifty Foods is helping high schools earn funds to deliver road safety activities. By registering with C.A.R.S.BC for this program, participants will be eligible to earn funding for road safety activities in their school by shopping at Thrifty Foods.

“ICBC is proud to support this partnership” said Nettie Wagner, ICBC Vancouver Island Regional Vice President. “The best way to reach kids with a message, is when it is delivered by their own friends. Car crashes are the number one killer of youth and we must continue to find ways to reduce that number. Our students are our future.”

C.A.R.S.BC was created in 2000 to unite students, parents, teachers, and principals in a province-wide effort to reduce deaths and injuries in car crashes among youth. Their goal is to establish and support youth teams in at least 80% of schools.

Congratulations to Oak Bay Secondary School, winner of the 2003/2004 Thrifty Foods Initiative grand prize draw.

For details on this partnership, please visit www.carsbc.org.