Unlocking Interoperability – Standards are the Key: CLIEDIS Seminar and Annual Meeting

Interoperability is the latest buzz word in the industry, not only for transactions between business partners, but also within organizations themselves. For many companies, merger and acquisition activity has created interesting challenges; one being the inheritance of multiple legacy systems unable to communicate with each other. For others, the increasing costs of transactional exchanges between external business partners is becoming prohibitive. There is one thing that has almost universal acceptance – for the industry to thrive in the future, we must find a way to Unlock Interoperability. The key is the use of standards.

We have invited experts who are working at the core of interoperability issues to share their experience and expertise. Susan Keuer, Manager for Standards, Worldwide Operations, Prudential of America will discuss Prudential’s views on the importance of standards to their organization internally and externally. CLIEDIS board member, Alan Hutton, FundSERV, will outline the impact that using standards has had on the Canadian mutual fund industry.

Three of our vendor members will discuss how their product offerings allow interoperability with custom systems or systems developed by other vendors. CPU Management, DSPA Software and SOLCORP, each with offerings within different segments of the industry that, because of their use of standards, allows “Best of Breed” selection.

Developing systems using data standards is no longer a technical decision, it is a business decision. This seminar is a must for senior executives who recognize the need to respond quickly to today’s business demands. Make sure your company stays informed and competitive.

Thursday May 6, 2004, 8:00 – 1:00, including lunch, at Holiday Inn on King, Toronto.

CLIEDIS members are invited to attend this seminar for free (first two attendees per company, $75 for each additional attendee). The cost for non-members is $150.

To register for the seminar and find out more about our agenda, visit www.cliedis.ca. See you there!