New IBM Portable Storage Products Give Users Flexibility in How They Tote Their Data

New Microdrive crams 4 GB of storage space into less than a square inch

Markham, ON, March 30, 2004 – IBM Canada announced a new portable storage device packing a whopping four gigabytes of storage space into a package that’s less than one square inch in size and weighs less than an AA battery. IBM’s new 4 GB Microdrive uses traditional hard disk drive technology squeezed into a Compact Flash Type II form factor, the same form factor used in many personal digital assistants and digital cameras today. With four gigabytes of storage space, shutterbugs using an average 4 MegaPixel camera can snap more than 2,200 full-sized photos before filling up the Microdrive.

The 4 GB Microdrive also comes with a PC Card Bus adapter allowing the Microdrive to be used with any IBM ThinkPad or other notebook computer with a Type II PCMCIA card slot, the standard on most notebooks today. The Microdrive is plug and play making it easy to move important files on or off of your notebook.

A new addition to the family

IBM’s portable media products provide users with benefits in security, system migration, data sharing, downtime reduction, and on-demand storage. The new 4GB Microdrive complements IBM’s existing suite of portable media products:

IBM’s 40 GB USB 2.0 Portable Hard Drive with Rapid Restore for road warriors looking for an easy way to add space or IT staff wanting a convenient service tool.

IBM’s USB 2.0 Memory Keys in 256 MB and 64 MB sizes for those looking to safely carry smaller files to meetings or between work and home. All IBM ThinkPads and ThinkCentres are also set to automatically boot off of a memory key if it’s attached � letting IT staff say goodbye to bulky disc wallets and hello to a simple memory key in their pocket.

IBM’s USB 2.0 Portable Multi-Burner reads and writes a variety of DVD and CD formats � perfect for notebook users who occasionally need to backup information but don’t want to sacrifice size and weight when carrying their notebook around. Users of IBM ThinkPads can also take advantage of the USB 2.0 Portable Multi-Burner’s capabilities without an AC Adapter. By plugging the device into two USB ports, users can operate the drive in read-only mode without the need of an external power supply. For those with IBM’s latest ultraportable notebook, the ThinkPad X40 features powered USB 2.0 ports and requires only one USB connection to power the Multi-Burner.

Securing your portable data

Data security is a key issue for businesses and consumers alike, and is even more significant when data is portable. All of IBM’s portable media products work with a number of security features to help ensure data is protected. Aside from the physical security of being able to lock up any portable media, there are a number of ways to protect the data itself.

Using the Embedded Security Subsystem available on IBM ThinkPads and ThinkCentres, users can securely encrypt files and folders not only on the system hard drives, but on any portable media devices attached to them. By using a unique encryption key, not even another ThinkPad with the Embedded Security Subsystem could read the files.

Additionally, all IBM USB 2.0 Memory Keys include a password protection feature that allows users to safeguard data.

Save time and money for IT staff

By combining portable media devices with IBM’s ThinkVantage Technologies, IT staff can cut valuable time off their day-to-day tasks, from repairing a notebook or computer, to migrating users from one machine to another.

Using the USB 2.0 Portable Hard Drive in conjunction with IBM’s Rescue and Recovery software, IT staff can quickly and easily return any PC or notebook, without a recovery solution, to working order simply by running the program through a USB connection.

By using the USB 2.0 Portable Hard Drive with IBM’s System Migration Assistant, IT staff can transfer a desktop or notebook’s entire configuration over to the portable hard drive, including network and program settings, preferences, even the placement of icons and user wallpaper. A simple USB connection with the new machine transfers the configuration, resulting in a quick migration and less user downtime.

Pricing and availability

All items are available now through and select IBM Business Partners. The IBM 4 GB Microdrive is $674. The 40 GB USB 2.0 Portable Hard Drive with Rapid Restore is $429. The USB 2.0 Memory Keys cost $179 for 256 MB or $69 for 64 MB. The USB 2.0 Portable Multi-Burner costs $649.