IBM Centre for Advanced Studies to Publish CASCON 2003 Workshop Proceedings: Generation5

[March 16, 2004 – Toronto, Ontario] Generation5 announced today that the IBM CAS intends to publish the workshop proceedings of its CASCON 2003 (Centre for Advanced Studies Conference) workshops.

The workshop, entitled “Categorical Data Analysis with Applications to Data Mining and Bioinformatics” was co-chaired by Generation5’s Wenxue Huang, the Chief Scientist at Generation5’s laboratory in Toronto, and York University professors Steven Wang and Jianhong Wu.

The workshop was sponsored by IBM CAS, York University’s Laboratory for Industrial & Applied Mathematics (LIAM), CRESTech, MITACS, Sun Microstamping, Inc., the National Institute of Health and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.

In addition to scientists from the Generation5 Laboratory, the distinguished group included speakers from the Universities of British Columbia, Ottawa, Boston and York.

The workshop addressed the challenges of categorical data analysis, from the point of view of quantification, discrete space properties and corresponding distance functions.

Data is categorical when the information for observations is limited to a finite set of labels or classes, which may or may not contain the information of rank or order. For example, the answers to the following multiple choice question are examples of categorical data:

How satisfied are you with our service?

  • Extremely Satisfied
  • Somewhat Satisfied
  • Somewhat Dissatisfied
  • Extremely Dissatisfied

“Categorical data is a challenge for business”, says Mike Duffy, President, Generation5. “Preferences and opinions are hard to quantify. We’re doing a lot of work in this area, and this publication is great recognition for our scientists and mathematicians”.

The workshop showcased approaches to the quantification of categorical data, specifically in the arenas of marketing and biology, where much of the data is categorical.

Generation5 addressed the difficulties facing researchers today, and demonstrated some novel methods of clustering using convergency lift based on association measures to determine the maximum number of clusters. This analysis is made possible by a proprietary suite of analytical tools, developed by Generation5, called Mathematical Technologies™.

The “Categorical Data Analysis with Applications to Data Mining and Bioinformatics” workshop proceedings will be available, in both print and electronic formats, in April 2004. If you are interested in obtaining a copy, contact [email protected]


For over a decade, CASCON has been the showcase event of the year for the Centre for Advanced Studies (CAS). Originally intended to present the work of CAS’ talented visiting scientists, CASCON has evolved into a comprehensive forum that addresses questions and developments surrounding technology at large. Capturing the minds of thought leaders from around the world, this conference is where ideas of the academic, public and industrial sectors converge. Each year, attendees of this forum take in presentations delivered by keynote speakers from diverse technological backgrounds. CASCON also provides an opportunity to gain insight into many on-going research trends presented as technical papers. In addition, poster and demonstration sessions offered through the Technology Showcase serve as a platform for researchers and developers to share their groundbreaking ideas.

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