The IBC and GAA launch english version of educational campaign be sure about your insurance

MONTREAL, March 18, 2004 – The Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) and the Groupement des assureurs automobiles (GAA) today launched the English version of their educational campaign to provide Quebec consumers with simple, concrete ways to gain a better understanding of auto and home insurance.

It can be challenging sometimes to fully grasp the nature and scope of the protection offered under various insurance policies. To help consumers in this task, IBC and GAA have developed a comprehensive auto and home insurance information kit under the theme Be Sure About Your Insurance. An on-line version is available at These tools are intended to increase consumer awareness about the importance of being familiar with their insurance coverage before a problem arises, so that they can avoid unpleasant surprises.

Be Sure About Your Insurance: A free information kit

The Be Sure About Your Insurance kit features six tools that provide consumers with the basics of what they need to know about auto and home insurance. It can be obtained free of charge by phoning 1 877 987-6877 or by visiting

The kit includes information on auto insurance, home insurance and claims adjustments, along with an educational game that provides a fun, straightforward way of learning more about the world of insurance. The kit also features a joint accident report form that can be used to settle minor road accidents in Quebec quickly and easily. Lastly, there is a personal property inventory form to encourage individuals to make a list of their belongings-something that comes in handy should they ever need to file a claim. This form comes in a practical folder that can be used to keep bills, receipts and warranties for items of value-all of which can be helpful in the
event of an emergency.

An on-line version on

The kit is also available on-line, at In addition to providing consumers with a wealth of information about auto and home insurance, the site contains a calculator that enables visitors to make an electronic inventory of their personal property, an interactive game, a FAQ section, a glossary and more!

A “Current Issues” section is also updated on an as-needed basis, providing advice on such hot topics as broken public water mains, the renewal of home insurance policies, renovations and the installation of heating systems.

Insurance Bureau of Canada and the Groupement des assureurs automobiles have been working together for over 10 years to pursue their mission of keeping the public informed through both educational campaigns and direct one-on-one assistance, in particular via the Insurance Information Centre. The Centre’s agents answer more than 60,000 calls from consumers every year. The Insurance Information Centre can be reached at (514) 288-6015, in the Montreal area, or at 1 (800) 361-5131, elsewhere in Quebec.

The Insurance Bureau of Canada is the national association that represents the majority of Canadian property and casualty insurers.

The Groupement des assureurs automobiles was created in 1978 with the adoption of the Automobile Insurance Act and represents all automobile insurance companies operating in Quebec.