World Access Canada and Softvoyage Offer New Online Travel Insurance Solution

First to Offer Travel Insurance Products Within Booking Engines of Softvoyage Customers

Waterloo, ON – January 29, 2004 – World Access Canada has pioneered a leading-edge travel insurance solution for travel companies with an online presence. Combining innovative technologies with simple product and pricing strategies, the solution allows online travel suppliers to offer fully integrated travel insurance products within their web-based trip booking system. The end result for customers is an improved, streamlined online trip booking experience, where travel insurance options and total trip cost including insurance premiums are listed for the customer’s review prior to their vacation purchase being finalized. Online travel service suppliers implementing the technology can expect immediate increases in travel insurance sales, and in turn, substantial improvements in bottom-line revenue.

Over the past four months, World Access Canada has partnered with Softvoyage, an industry leading booking engine supplier, to deliver its solution to various Softvoyage clients. Since the enrolment technology is already integrated into Softvoyage’s booking engine service, activation of World Access travel insurance into the Softvoyage client’s online booking path is immediate, and occurs at no cost to the travel supplier. Several Softvoyage clients are already benefiting from the solution, with an additional group of Softvoyage clients set to launch in the near future.

Results so far for Softvoyage clients and others who have already implemented the World Access Canada solution have been very positive, with online travel insurance sales for these clients increasing by up to 400% after integrating the service into their booking path.

“We are very pleased to partner with Softvoyage to provide their clients with an alternative online travel insurance solution that can be implemented at no cost and with absolutely no programming time,” says Mark Anevich, President of World Access Canada Inc. “While the inevitable increase in sales that comes with this technology is a plus, what really counts is that more customers are protecting their health and trip investment with World Access Canada’s specialty travel insurance products. These products provide customers with true peace of mind and security so that they can enjoy their vacation without worry of the unknown.”

World Access Canada originally developed the solution upon recognizing the inefficiencies and low conversion rates inherent in a link based travel insurance sales environment. The standard link-based approach requires customers to leave the primary travel supplier site to research and purchase travel insurance on an external insurance provider’s website. World Access Canada found the answer in XML based Web Services technology, which allows the client to connect its booking engine, in this case managed by Softvoyage, to World Access Canada’s servers, where all product, policy and pricing information is stored and sales transactions are processed. The result is an improved, seamless travel insurance offering within the client’s existing online trip booking infrastructure.

To complete this turnkey solution, World Access Canada offers full pre and post sale fulfillment with 24/7 customer service support through its contact center. World Access Canada handles all aspects of the travel insurance sales process, and as a Single Source provider, also administers all emergency assistance and claims administration in house.

The World Access Canada online travel insurance solution is available now to all Softvoyage clients at the mere flick of a switch. For Softvoyage clients interested in activating this service, or for more information, please contact JC Girard, Director New Business Development at 1-800-461-1079, ext. 253, or by email, at [email protected].

About World Access Canada:

World Access Canada is part of the world’s largest travel insurance and assistance organization, with over 1 billion dollars in annual premium sales and 37 operations centers in 28 countries. A leader in integrated online sales, World Access Canada enjoys the support of some of the worlds largest online companies including Expedia, Orbitz and

About Softvoyage:

Founded in 1987, Softvoyage specializes in the development of technological solutions for tour operators, travel agencies and consolidators. Softvoyage has established itself as one of the principal software solution innovators and developers dedicated to the travel industry in North America. With offices in Montreal and Toronto and sales representatives in Europe and the US, Softvoyage ensures the highest level of support and satisfaction for its clients.