SQLiaison�s FellowDSS™ gives Aviva Canada access to management-level information

Toronto, January 27, 2004 – Aviva Canada, a leading property and casualty insurance group in Canada, and SQLiaison inc., one of the Canadian leaders in analytical applications and business
intelligence, announced today that they have successfully completed the implementation of Fellow DSS™, an enterprise-scale suite of analytical applications developed specifically for the insurance industry.

Fellow DSS™ provides Aviva�s users with access to management-level information. �Before Fellow DSS™, our data could be found in many legacy applications,� says Gerry Lee, Vice-President of Information Management Services at Aviva. �The number of applications made it difficult to assemble data for analysis to support business decisions. The result was not totally reliable, nor did it represent a single version of the truth.� Aviva needed a much more robust architecture, integrated for management information. This information had to be accessible to business users (underwriters, actuaries, claims, marketing and branch offices, etc.). Users needed to have the ability to drill into the data at the finest possible level of detail. � With Fellow DSS™, our designated business power users now have one source of reliable information.

They get a single version of the truth,� Lee explains. One of the Fellow DSS™ applications and functionalities is Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Tracking. KPI Tracking enables management to monitor the progress of the business. �With these applications, our business users will spend more time analyzing the data rather than assembling it,� says Gerry Lee. �They can execute in-depth analysis for our management team.

This kind of information and analysis is critical to our development and performance. It can give us a competitive advantage. In a highly competitive environment such as the insurance
industry, details do make a significant difference.�

Aviva mandated SQLiaison to propose a solution for the implementation of its Management Information Structure components and an initial analysis application based on Fellow DSS™.
�Through this project,� says �tienne Castonguay, President of SQLiaison, �our project team worked as a strategic business intelligence partner for Aviva. We tailored Fellow DSS™ to meet Aviva�s specific needs in the property and casualty industry.� The development and implementation of Fellow DSS™ took far less time than it would have taken for Aviva to build this application from scratch. �We chose to work with SQLiaison to shorten the project time,� confirms Gerry Lee. �We considered Fellow DSS™ an extensible foundation application to deliver our own solution and we benefited from the expertise and know-how of SQLiaison�s professionals.�

Approximately 50 users from various offices across Canada now have access to Fellow DSS™ . In the future, the application will be available remotely via the Internet. Subsequent deployments of this application should allow up to 500 users to access Fellow DSS. Fellow DSS™ is an enterprise-scale suite of analytic applications for the insurance industry. It is built around an integrated data warehouse that stores transactional data from a company�s operational support systems. Fellow DSS™ consolidates and integrates data from across the
various systems of a company, and makes it easily available to users for consumption through report objects either pre-defined or in an ad-hoc mode.

About SQLiaison Inc.

SQLiaison is the Canadian leader in business intelligence. SQLiaison designs, implements, and develops analytical applications that support the decision-making process of its clients. Since its creation in 1994, SQLiaison has built some of the most sophisticated decision support systems in the world. They provide innovative ways to give easy access to business intelligence. SQLiaison has more than 65 clients, among which are prominent banks and insurance
companies, major manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry, and other large corporations. SQLiaison has offices in Montr�al, New York and Toronto.

About Aviva Canada Inc.

Aviva Canada Inc. is one of the leading property and casualty insurance groups in Canada. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of UK-based Aviva plc (the world’s seventh largest insurance group), we offer policyholders and our broker partners the power of one brand, with the diversity of many companies, products and services. In Canada, Aviva provides personal (home and auto) and commercial insurance. We are also a leading provider of specialty commercial products and construction surety bonding. Visit us at avivacanada.com.