SAS outperforms competitors in data mining category

New analyst research evaluates vendors of predictive analytics software

TORONTO, ON (Jan. 26, 2004) � Data mining continues to be a robust growth market, and SAS�, the leader in business intelligence, is at the forefront in the vital area of predictive analytics.

Giga, a wholly owned subsidiary of Forrester Research Inc., recently issued a report by analyst Lou Agosta titled �Vendor Scorecard: Selecting Software for Predictive Analytics,�* that assessed software from SAS and three other vendors. These vendors were evaluated on strategy, product functions, usability, pricing, and vendor viability and support. SAS rated above competing vendors with its award-winning SAS� Enterprise Miner� product, the most comprehensive data mining solution in the market. SAS� Enterprise Miner� is one component of a business intelligence platform that provides organizations with a strategy-focused view of customer behavior and profitability, supplier spending, employee retention, financial performance and internal processes to help forecast growth opportunities using predictive analytics.

�This assessment clearly shows how committed SAS is to the data mining software market,� said Anne Milley, director of analytic intelligence strategy for SAS. �SAS delivers analytical software solutions that enable companies to easily identify significant relationships and trends � helping them to confidently make critical business decisions. This is why we are in a strong position to help our customers address the increasing need for high-end data analysis, which produces the largest returns.�

Mining data for valuable intelligence

SAS Enterprise Miner reveals significant patterns and trends, explains known outcomes and identifies factors that can secure a desired effect � all from collected demographic data and customer buying patterns. With this solution, companies can increase revenue, decrease costs and enhance their competitive position. Future enhancements to SAS Enterprise Miner will make it even easier to distill valuable data from structured, and unstructured, data.

SAS Text Miner, an add-on product to SAS Enterprise Miner, expands these data mining capabilities by providing a rich suite of tools for discovering and extracting knowledge from a wide variety of text-based documents, including e-mails, sales reports and call center notes. Integrating text-based information with structured data enriches predictive modeling capabilities and provides new stores of insightful and valuable information for driving business and research initiatives forward.

SAS has the most complete solution on the market for supporting the entire intelligence-creation process within all areas of a business � from corporate performance to HR to finance to sales and marketing. This end-to-end enterprise intelligence infrastructure, known as the SAS Intelligence Architecture, gives businesses the agility they need to adjust to changes in the marketplace. Building on existing IT investments, the SAS Intelligence Architecture allows companies to remain responsive to the needs of the market, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders.