Measuring Worldwide Net Usage Leaders

Ipsos-Insight reports 68% of adults in the US are Internet users as of the end of last year.

22 January 2004

But the US is not the leading country in terms of Net usage, notes Ipsos, as Canada claims first place with 71% of adults using the Net and South Korea claims second place with 70% of its adults online.

Still, it is important to note that due to the sheer size of the US, its 68% represents the greatest mass of adults online — exactly 128 million.

Based on a survey of about 7,100 adults across 13 global regions, Ipsos also notes that the countries which experienced the greatest growth in adult Net usage were Germany with 40% growth in 2003, Japan with 38% growth and urban China with a growth of 37%. Ipsos defines �users� as those who had been online from any location within the past 30 days prior to the survey, which was conducted in October 2003.

Nielsen//NetRatings reports 29% of the population ages 2 worldwide is in the US as of Q3 2003. This total compares to 24% coming from Europe and 12% coming from the Asia-Pacific region.

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