E-Mail Marketing: A Weekly Perspective

6 January 2004

In the first of its kind �Quarterly Delivery Report� from emailLabs, the e-mail marketing software and services company reports that Tuesday was the most popular day for its clients to send e-mail marketing messages in Q3 2003.

Over 25% of its clients sent out e-mail marketing on a Tuesday. Wednesday, however, was e-mail marketers’ best day for opens and click-throughs. emailLabs notes that 22.8% of its clients� e-mails were opened on Wednesday in Q3. Wednesday kept its spot as the most popular open day from Q1 to Q3, falling slightly to 22% of all e-mails in Q2.

With 525 clients in Q3, emailLabs bases its report on the results of its clients� HTML and text e-mail marketing efforts. The report also mentions that Wednesday was the most popular day for click-throughs on e-mail marketing campaigns in all three quarters, with 24.1% of e-mails in Q3 clicked on a Wednesday. Other strong click days were Tuesdays and Thursdays, though emailLabs highlights the growth in click-through rates on Monday — from just 13.5% in Q2 to 15.9% in Q3 — making the case that Monday may not be such a bad day to send out e-mail marketing after all.

Giving further perspective to the emailLabs findings, MarketingSherpa reported iMediaConnection findings in September 2003 which indicated that 18% of US marketers had experienced a rise in click-through rates on e-mail marketing whereas just 5% said click-throughs had dropped.

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