Dundee Wealth Management Switches to CoVirts VirtGate Internet Policy and Advisor and Management Service

Web based administration system equalizes the technology in the insurance division with the rest of the systems at Dundee Wealth

Toronto (PRWEB) December 22 2003–Dundee Wealth Management Inc. (TSX: DW) (�Dundee Wealth�) and CoVirt Inc. (Canada) (�CoVirt�) jointly announced today that CoVirt now supplies the Dundee Wealth insurance subsidiary, Dundee Insurance Agency Inc., with VirtGate, a multi-channel insurance advisor and policy management and advisor service delivered through the Internet.

Ron Dick, President at Dundee Insurance Agency Ltd. said �We chose VirtGate for many reasons. A web based administration system equalizes the technology in the insurance division with the rest of the systems at Dundee Wealth, and also equalizes our services to our all our branches regardless of their geographical location. VirtGate is scalable and can grow as we grow � the VirtGate technology has been designed to handle millions of records.�

Shelley Moore, National Sales Manager at Dundee Insurance Agency Ltd. says, �VirtGate allows us to be proactive instead of reactive. Our mission is to help our associates deal with the constant changes in the financial services industry and provide them with the most up to date tools so they may in turn provide the very best advice and service to their clients. VirtGate becomes our foundation for a successful partnership with our advisors.�

Ron Dick concurs saying, �We had a good response from advisors when we posted their new business reports showing pending requirements from the day before on our original site. VirtGate is huge leap forward – at any time our advisors can view all the records at Dundee Insurance on their behalf – new business, policy files, their contracts, licenses, E & O and more. This will not be a copy of yesterday�s data like before — this will be the actual real time system and data used by Dundee Insurance staff to compile and manage policy and contract information on our advisors� behalf. And that is not all � VirtGate becomes our contact manager to provide our advisors and branches information about seminars, meetings and incentives, to keep them current on industry news and product changes, and to provide direct links to carrier forms and software.�

Byren Innes, Senior Vice-President and Director of NewLink Group Inc. said �We were asked by our clients Dundee Insurance Agency about agency management systems, and having met with CoVirt as part of our continuing market awareness activities, felt that VirtGate was an excellent fit for Dundee.”

Tim Fitzpatrick, President at CoVirt, said, �More and more we are seeing enterprises like Dundee Wealth that want to expand and franchise their successful operating methods to other locations, leveraging knowledge and management across strategic alliances. The ability to respond quickly and accurately to customer issues is a key to success. VirtGate is the perfect front and back office to support their initiative providing a personalized interactive gateway to all kinds of resources, data, and tools. There are no user fees, and VirtGate supports an unlimited hierarchical structure where there can be an unlimited number of groups, brokers can belong to an unlimited number of groups, and administrators can be set for any group of groups. The customer administrator can set all this up in minutes again with no increase in fees.�

About CoVirt:

Life insurance distribution is about efficient advisor recruitment and retention. CoVirt�s VirtGate Internet policy and advisor management service that is a total integrated solution. VirtGate provides superior advantages that turns the agency web site into a sales pipeline portal permitting CoVirt customers to focus on the fundamental core expertise that is the key to their success. VirtGate is much faster than typical internal LAN based software and customers can tie as many offices and users together as they wish � all with no user fees. VirtGate also includes online integrated document management where documents are posted to the broker record, policy record, or public library in seconds. VirtGate is worry free — all that is needed is a standard web browser and access to the Internet — nothing is installed on the user’s machine or customer�s server at all. For more information, please contact http://CoVirt.com

About Dundee Wealth Management:

Dundee Wealth Management emerged in response to the changing opportunities in Canada�s financial services industry. The company has grown into one of Canada�s leading wealth management companies to date. Dundee Wealth�s organizational structure is such that each division was created to capitalize on a specific financial services segment. This specialization allows each division to focus on its strengths and to provide professional expertise to the entire company. By hiring only the most highly qualified people, Dundee Wealth Management offers comprehensive investment advice from a team of �Blue-Chip� Experts. Dundee Wealth�s strength lies in our ability to offer the best financial products and services to our customers. By employing professionals who share this high standard, Dundee Wealth Management will continue to build on this success. Dundee Wealth has approximately $10.3 billion of Assets Under Management comprised of mutual funds, closed-end funds, a labour-sponsored investment fund and institutional and private client investments and had approximately $9.7 billion of Assets Under Administration with 451 financial advisors located in approximately 140 independent branches across Canada. For more information, see www.Dundee Wealthwealth.com