Manitoba Public Insurance launches immobilizer anti-theft device loan plan

Manitoba Public Insurance this week became the first Canadian automobile insurance company to offer a financing plan that encourages vehicle owners to install anti-theft immobilizer devices that meet the Canadian Theft Deterrent Standard.

“This is a first for Canada and a first for North America,” said Attorney General Gord Mackintosh, who asked Manitoba Public Insurance to develop the plan in May. “The purpose of this time payment program is very simple–to make it affordable for everyone to purchase the most effective theft-prevention devices available.”

Beginning September 15, Manitobans who purchase and install an aftermarket electronic immobilizer that meets the Canadian standard will be able to finance their purchase with a simple phone call to the public insurer. The cost of these devices ranges from about $240 to $400 and the program permits financing over 12-, 24- or 36-month periods.

This program only applies to Manitoba-registered and insured vehicles. Motorists can check to see which devices meet the Canadian Theft Deterrent Standard by checking the corporation’s Web site at and can find out more about the program by checking the Web site or calling the Manitoba Public Insurance Autopac Line at 985-7000 or 1-800-665-2410 (toll-free).

Manitoba Public Insurance initiated the immobilizer financing plan after the Provincial Auto Theft Task Force found that the price of these devices was a barrier for people who wanted the best possible protection for their vehicles. The plan allows owners to purchase a device for as little as $8.50 a month (purchasers will be billed on a quarterly basis).

“An electronic immobilizer is the most effective way to stop auto theft,” said John Douglas, Vice-President of Corporate Public Affairs with Manitoba Public Insurance. “For most Manitoba families, their vehicle is the second-most valuable asset they own. This program makes purchasing an immobilizer affordable for every Manitoban.”

Manitoba Public Insurance also offers buyers of approved aftermarket immobilizers a yearly discount of $40 off the basic Autopac premium and $5 off the annual premium for selected optional coverages.

Backgrounder – Immobilizer Financing Plan

  • To qualify for a loan, individuals must:
    • Be either the Autopac policyholder or the vehicle’s legal owner.
    • Be able to register a vehicle in Manitoba.
    • Meet Manitoba Public Insurance’s financing eligibility requirements.
  • Approved aftermarket immobilizers installed beginning Sept. 15, 2003 are eligible for financing. Owners can apply for financing at the time of installation or up to 30 days after the installation date.
  • Interest is fixed at Prime plus two per cent effective when the loan is made. There are no additional administration fees.
  • Owners can chose 12-, 24- or 36-month payback periods. Billings will be sent quarterly and extra payments can be made at any time.
  • Owners can finance any number of approved immobilizer financing loans up to a maximum of $500 each, including installation and taxes.

Backgrounder – Approved Anti-theft Immobilizers

  • Immobilizers are the most effective means of preventing drive-away theft. An immobilizer is an electronic device that arms automatically when a vehicle is switched off, and prevents unauthorized starting of the vehicle.
  • The immobilizer is passive. It does not have an audible alarm warning system. When attacked, the immobilizer cuts three vital circuits in the vehicle: the starter, ignition and fuel supply.
  • Unless a special key or code is used, the car will not start.
  • Manitoba Public Insurance offers a yearly $40 discount for people who purchase an immobilizer that meets Canadian theft deterrence standards.
  • Additional information about passive immobilizers and national standards can be obtained by going to and reviewing the auto theft section.
  • Manitoba Public Insurance offers discounts for the following aftermarket immobilizers:
    • PFK Autowatch 329 Ti Immobilizer
    • MasterGard M6000 Immobilizer
    • MasterGard TK Immobilizer
    • Powerlock-Canada Immobilizer