illustrate inc Leverages Power of Microsoft .NET Platform for Suite of Illustration Solutions

illustrate inc’s .NET platform will allow customers to quickly deploy concurrent desktop and web illustration solutions and reduce development costs through a single integrated development environment

Toronto, Canada, December 4, 2003 — illustrate inc, a leading developer of policy illustration solutions to the life insurance industry today announced its commitment to include the powerful Microsoft� .NET platform in its base development platforms. Microsoft’s .NET environment is the next generation of software technologies for connecting information, systems and devices. It enables a high level of software integration using web services – small, discrete, building-block applications that connect to each other. With the blurring of boundaries between desktop and web applications, illustrate inc is looking ahead to provide its customer base with proven, robust technology solutions as their IT and business needs evolve. illustrate inc’s unique illustration system architecture consists of distinct smart engines that focus on a user interface, complex actuarial calculations and presentation of the results to clients via reports. The current architecture and .NET framework allow these engines to be utilized by both desktop and web applications by reusing common components.

“The advantages of .NET over other technology platforms are significant,” said Zahir Dhalla, President of illustrate inc. “A .NET-based system can now communicate with any other application that supports the Web Service standard. Coupled with multi-language programming, improved reliability and better security control, the customer benefits are enhanced efficiency, more rapid product deployment and reduced development costs, ” he added.

The first phase of the .NET inforce illustration system was completed early last quarter. illustrate inc has committed to full deployment of the system as a .NET-based desktop and web application by the end of Q4, 2003. Additionally, the company has finalized an upgrade of its SuperFlex component (Data editor) in the product suite to .NET. This upgrade is being rolled out this month to clients already on the .NET platform. As well, illustrate inc is in the final development stages of .NET versions of a desktop and web-based version of a current customer’s new business illustration solution. Both systems will be released before year-end. The success demonstrated through the first client pilot project has further reinforced illustrate inc’s strategic decision to move to .NET as the platform for the future.

While continuing to make technological advancements in product design and architecture to keep customers ahead of the technology curve, illustrate inc is fully committed to maintaining the same level of quality and support for the current Windows environment. “We are working closely with clients to ensure that our development architecture takes into account future evolutions and ease of adaptation to new technologies. We look forward to assisting our clients make the move to .NET and to other technologies as their business needs evolve,” stated Dhalla.

About illustrate inc

Founded in 1989, illustrate inc is a leading software and service provider for the Canadian life insurance industry. illustrate inc’s mission is to assist Canadian life insurance companies meet their sales and service needs through the design and delivery of modular policy illustration solutions using advanced technology. The modular design of its Ultimate Engines for new business and inforce illustrations coupled with powerful development tools allow for the efficient delivery of easily customizable solutions. illustrate inc is a privately held company headquartered in Toronto. The illustrate inc team includes actuarial staff, systems design and architecture specialists as well as experts in insurance administration system functionality, insurance product design and taxation and compliance issues. The company understands the unique needs of the life insurance industry and specializes in solving complex sales distribution and policy illustration issues. Working in partnership with leading insurers, illustrate inc has established a reputation for delivering innovative policy illustration solutions on time and within budget. For more information, visit the company’s web site at