What is Critical Illness?

By Ivon T. Hughes

December, 2003 – Critical Illness (CI) is a relatively new coverage in Canada that guarantees the payment of a lump sum benefit between $50,000 to $2,000,000 if you are stricken by a critical illness such as cancer or a heart attack. CI provides the financial resources to fill the gap that may be created between health insurance plans and other expenditures you may have or help replace lost income. This type of support can help tremendously in maintaining your quality of life and financial security during the recovery period and help you face your new challenges.

Government health plans and group insurance benefits are limited to basic medical and hospital care in Canada and Disability income coverage pays a monthly income only if you can’t work. For Critical Illness insurance, for example, if you suffer a heart attack and are able to return to work, CI still pays.

The maximum coverage amount available varies depending upon the insurance company issuing the plan. Each company exactly defines the critical illnesses they are covering in their policy contracts. Over 20 different illnesses may be covered extending cancer, heart attack and stroke to organ transplants, deafness and more.

You must survive a critical illness for a fixed period of time to receive the coverage amount, usually 30 days. In other words, if you suffered a heart attack, you must live at least that long to receive this payment.

If you suffer a critical illness, you do not receive the coverage amount as a monthly benefit. Instead, payment is made in full, as a lump sum amount. There are no conditions as to how you use the funds. The money unconditionally belongs to you. You are the one who decides how it will be spent.

We can help you secure your financial future by ensuring you have the money to keep your home and lifestyle should you be stricken with a Critical Illnesses covered under this plan. Contact us for more information or run your own quote at our website.

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