Hyland’s Focus on Healthcare Products Nets More than 50 New Customers

CLEVELAND � November 6, 2003 – Hyland Software, Inc., developers of OnBase® integrated document management (IDM) software and a leading, global provider of electronic document management solutions, has released one product and two processors specifically for the healthcare industry. Built with patient registration in mind for hospitals, physician practices and clinics, OnBase Front Office Scanning offers flexibility and ease-of-use associated with the capture of driver’s license and insurance card information along with any additional front office documents required. The company’s OnBase 835 Processor and OnBase 837 Processor both are in step with the evolution of HIPAA compliance mandates. Hyland Software has acquired more than 50 healthcare customers during the first three quarters of 2003, including Advocate Healthcare; Allina Hospitals & Clinics; Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma; Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont; Caromont Health; and Deaconess Hospital (IN).

Leveraging OnBase Application Enabler technology, Front Office Scanning captures data fields directly from the patient registration screen of a line-of-business application and assigns them as OnBase keywords via a simple double-click or function key assignment. The simplified process allows registration clerks to simply drop documents in to a duplex scanner to capture both the front and back of the cards simultaneously. With the Front Office Scanning window present, the clerk need only click on a picture of a driver’s license or insurance card to assign the document type along with the keywords gathered from the line-of-business application. Uploading completes this simple process and stores the images and indexes in OnBase.

Designed with ease-of-use as its primary goal, this module eliminates trips to the copier to make multiple paper copies of these documents, flipping them over on the copier to capture both sides. Finally, this module can be implemented either on an individual basis with a scanner at each registration desk or in a centralized mode putting a single scanner in each registration area – while still utilizing the data from each clerk’s registration screen at their desk!

The OnBase 835 Processor accepts native 835 files and parses them into individual patient transaction documents. Each patient transaction in the 835 file becomes its own document in OnBase, indexed automatically and searchable at the patient level. This eliminates the need to redact (or hide) patient information present on multi-patient/multi-page paper explanation-of-benefits (EOBs). Additionally, patient level EOB documents can then be matched automatically to secondary claims for secondary filings. Storing 835 data in this manner eliminates the need to scan/store paper backup EOBs and offers significant file server space savings versus scanned EOB documents.

Like the OnBase 835 Processor, a processor has been created to handle native ANSI X.12 837 files, the HIPAA mandated format for health claims transaction data. Used in combination with the OnBase COLD module, the OnBase 837 Processor is capable of taking an 837 transmission and parsing it into individual claims documents, automatically indexing the claims, which are then overlaid with a form in OnBase for viewing and printing purposes.

About Hyland Software

Hyland Software, established in 1991, is a recognized leader in the document technologies industry. As a customer-driven organization committed to providing world-class service and support, the company is dedicated to developing integrated document management solutions that are deployable at both the departmental and enterprise levels.

Hyland develops OnBase, software that offers the full spectrum of document management capabilities in a single, web-enabled application. OnBase is used by thousands of commercial organizations and government agencies worldwide to streamline operations, reduce costs and share information with employees, partners and customers. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Hyland has offices located throughout the United States, Latin America and Europe. Visit www.onbase.com for more information.