Boomerang Tracking tracks GMC Sierra to Mirabel chop shop

Police uncover hydroponics lab with estimated street value of over $200,000, 17 vehicles with a total value of over $350,000 as well as links to over 40 other stolen vehicles

Montreal, Nov 5, 2003 — On October 27, 2003, a stolen GMC Sierra led the Boomerang tracking team to a chop shop in Mirabel, Quebec, where 17 stolen vehicles were recovered, along with evidence of over 40 other stolen vehicles. Approximately 200 marijuana plants in a hydroponics lab were also found at the scene.

In addition to recovering the Boomerang-equipped GMC Sierra, the operation also led to the recovery of 17 intact stolen vehicles with registrations in Quebec and Ontario. Model years ranged from 1999 to 2003 and included an Acura Integra, Ford Explorer, Jeep Cherokee, Ford Windstar, GMC Jimmy, Honda Civic, Dodge Caravan, Dodge Dakota and GMC 5500 Tundra.

Documentation referring to some 40 other previously reported stolen vehicles was also uncovered at the scene.

In addition to the impressive stash of stolen vehicles, the operation uncovered a hydroponics lab with over 200 marijuana plants, with an estimated street value of $1,000 each, and approximately $10,000 in other narcotics.

The rapid response of the Mirabel police resulted in two arrests on the scene and authorities continue to take inventory of the large number of stolen goods uncovered.

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