Conferencing Technologies Save Time and Money

21 October 2003

In fact, 87% expect to use audio, video or Web conferencing in the next year. Nearly 70% of business professionals say they prefer using conferencing technologies because they are more efficient than traveling to a meeting and 28% say they make work more productive overall.

Interestingly, and likely due to the economic downturn, 36% of business professionals in the US say they choose conferencing technologies over traveling for a meeting because conferencing is business protocol.

Impulse surveyed over 1,000 business professionals in the US in August 2003 to learn more about their business travel purposes and needs.

Of course, plenty of business professionals say they prefer conferencing because it cuts down on corporate travel expenses, but the issue of saving time is also compelling. It is therefore not very surprising that the MCI/Impulse survey also found that many senior managers have already used conferencing technologies, with 89% having used audio conferencing and 64% already having used Web conferencing.

Conferencing technologies seem poised for growth over the coming years, especially Web conferencing, as Frost & Sullivan projected in 2002 that Web conferencing revenues will rise to $2 billion by 2008.

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