Wireless E-Mail Helps Workplace Productivity

15 October 2003

The Radicati Group estimates that enterprise wireless e-mail vendors will generate $228 million in revenues this year worldwide and $812 million by the end of 2007.

Radicati has gathered information from wireless vendors, network operators, Fortune 1000 companies and wireless users throughout 2003, projecting that wireless e-mail will increase employees� productivity over time. Radicati estimates that employees will achieve 55 minutes extra work per day this year with the usage of wireless e-mail, and should gain 80 minutes per day by 2007.

Expanding on the Radicati numbers, Telephia finds that 24% of business end users think push-to-talk voice calling will help their work productivity, while 24% say the same about wireless IM and 23% say the same about wireless video conferencing and e-mail with attachments, respectively.

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