Newest Version of DWL Unifi™ Drives Next Generation Web Self-Service Transactions

Business Services Delivered to Multi-channel Web Applications on a Single Framework

Atlanta, GA � October 8, 2003 – DWL, the leader in Enterprise Business Services software, today announced the release of the latest version of DWL Unifi™, a Java-based framework that provides a consistent architecture and design for developing real-time transactional business services. DWL Unifi will allow financial services organizations to easily deliver new straight-through business transactions and improve the performance of their current web applications by unifying them under a single framework.

Many financial services organizations have created first and second generation web applications and web sites for their customers, distribution partners and employees,said Bruce McPherson, vice president, product management, DWL. Organizations now require more complex business transactions such as fund management and billing and loan requests that can be made available through existing channel web applications. The latest version of DWL Unifi provides a proven framework for building these transactional business services using common technologies such as IBM WebSphere Portal Server and Macromedia Flash MX.

According to leading financial services companies like AXA Belgium, a robust technology framework that allows for new best of breed business components and business services to be plugged-inwhen and where required is essential for containing costs and realizing return on investment.

AXA Belgium wants to more effectively control technology investments and realize greater value from the technologies we invest in. We need greater flexibility in leveraging technology from one project to benefit others, said Jean Wallemacq, chief architect, AXA Belgium. The DWL Unifi framework provides a foundation that supports our architectural vision, allowing us to better manage product lifecycles and giving us greater flexibility in choosing when and how to adopt new technology. Ultimately this will help us to protect our technology investments and better manage how they are recognized.

The single business transaction framework is powered by DWL Unifi Front End Management System (FEMS) which allows for integration with third party presentation solutions such as IBM WebSphere Portal Server and Macromedia Flash MX and gives them full access to the application and business services available in DWL Unifi. These services, developed through years of experience, ensure quality of service required by web transactional applications and give organizations greater flexibility and simplicity in developing and provisioning new transactions across web channel applications.

Application Services available through the DWL Unifi framework include:

  • Business Transaction Manager (BTM). The business transaction manager provides essential business transaction processing services including logging, transformation and routing and support for cascading transactions. The service logs messages for auditing and reporting purposes, including date/time of transaction, user, channel, transaction, product and other data. The BTM also provides message validation and transformation services using XML/XSLT and supports industry standard XML including ACORD and IFX. The BTM also ensures successful completion of transactions by routing message to appropriate business service for processing. In addition, BTM can be extended to provide transaction level security including the ability to control transactions by user/role.

  • Code Table Service. The code table service transforms codes to user-friendly text. The service supports code-table lookups and simplifies overall code table management. A simple API allows for retrieving code values from a database-based on Application Name, Locale, List, Context or Date. Codes can be returned as XML or objects.

  • Caching. The caching service improves performance by caching common presentation elements and data. The service can cache to either a memory file or database and caches flat files or objects. Caches can be added or removed dynamically. Server data caching stores data between sessions enabling business processes that extend over a period of time such as sales quotes and claims processing.

  • Logging. The logging service logs business and system information, providing support for audit trails, batch scheduling and performance monitoring. The service can be integrated with a web application servers logging service. Logging can be customized to log by user, application, time & date and can be integrated with enterprise management applications

  • Object Pooling. This service optimizes application performance and improves server response times by limiting object creation and memory consumption. The application manager can specify minimum and maximum pool size. This service can be integrated with application server pooling services.

  • Error Handling. Logs DWL Unifi™ application errors for reporting purposes and improved application management. The error handling service translates system specific errors and exceptions into user-friendly messages.

About DWL Inc.

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