DWL and Eontec Announce Alliance to Deliver Comprehensive Customer Banking Solutions

Industry leaders will jointly market truly customer-centric multi-channel Banking solutions to financial institutions

ATLANTA, GA & Dublin � October 1, 2003 – DWL, the leader in Enterprise Business Services software, and Eontec, the leading global provider of multi-channel customer banking solutions, today announced they will jointly offer customer-centric, multi-channel solutions to the financial services industry. Eontec and DWL will offer the industry’s first J2EE”-based, services-oriented architecture to provide a single version of customer truth and once and donecustomer processing to all channels. The joint solution will enable banks to improve customer service and sales productivity through call center, Internet and branch networks.

The Eontec product comprises a suite of modular-based customer banking solutions including Branch, eBanking, Call Center, Multi-Channel Lending and Corporate Payments. Eontec solutions allow all customer interactions to be consistent, efficient and personalized at every touch point. They also enable faster delivery of additional Banking Services to each channel.

Each solution combines multi-channel Banking Services based on process-driven Components and a real-time knowledge of the customer. Together with DWL Customer, serving as the enterprise-wide single source of customer information and interaction history, banks can deliver a higher level of customer service and truly customer-centric processes at every customer interaction point.

The alliance between DWL and Eontec brings together two of IBM’s important business partners in banking. Their solutions are based on services-oriented architecture and have proven their value with many of our largest and most-demanding customers,” said Mark Greene, general manager, IBM Global Banking. “We look forward to leveraging the relationship between DWL and Eontec to support our own work with the financial services industry.

An operationally driven view of the customer lets financial services organizations react intelligently to customer servicing issues, product offerings and future customers needs by having the entire relationship view in real-time,said John Baumstark, president and CEO, DWL. Operational customer data integration is best achieved by implementing an enterprise customer hub that remains agnostic to all other systems and is services-oriented. This enables faster integration and better leverages the best-in-breed functionality that leading vendors in multi-channel delivery technology, like Eontec, deliver to financial services companies.

We are witnessing a paradigm shift in the financial services industry in which banks need smarter banking solutions to help them deliver their promises to their customers in order to remain competitive in todays banking arena,said Patrick Brazel, CEO at Eontec. This alliance with DWL provides an exciting opportunity for banks to take advantage of a complete multi-channel solution. Not only will it enable banks to deliver a superior service, it will empower them to offer additional banking services and products more rapidly to customers in each channel.

About DWL Customer”

DWL Customer”, an enterprise customer hub for real time customer management, is an enterprise customer hub that unifies customer data and transactions from product silos and delivers this knowledge to all channels. It is based on a ‘services-oriented architecture’ and built on J2EE standards, making it the most scalable and market-proven application for customer management. In recent benchmarking, 8000 concurrent users sent XML transactions to the DWL Customer database containing 100 million customer records and produced sub-second transaction responses, which makes DWL the most robust and scaleable solution of its kind. Unlike offspring solutions of leading front and back office application vendors, DWL Customer is a vendor-neutral solution designed to meet demanding performance environments.

About DWL Inc.

DWL (www.dwl.com) is the leader in Enterprise Business Services software, an emerging class of services-oriented applications. DWL works with organizations worldwide to address enterprise-wide customer data integration (CDI) strategies using DWL Customer”, the leading enterprise customer data hub. DWL Customer gives organizations a unified view of their customer across multiple product and business silos. It delivers this single, real-time view and update environment to all channels, enabling multi-channel integration and consistent customer service.

Founded in 1996, DWL is headquartered in Atlanta and has offices in New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Toronto, London, S�o Paulo, Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur. DWL clients include MetLife, Citi Cards, Atlantic Blue Cross Care, among others. DWL has strategic relationships with BEA Systems, IBM and Sun Microsystems. Key system integrator alliances include Accenture and IBM Global Services. DWL has been recognized by Deloitte & Touche as one of the fastest growing technology companies in North America.

About Eontec

Eontec is the leading global provider of multi-channel customer banking solutions to major financial institutions. Eontec provides proven systems packaged from reusable financial components for retail and corporate financial services, including branch operations, lending, payments, and credit card services. These can be deployed across multiple channels including the branch, call centers, the Internet, ATMs and wireless devices to create a unified customer experience.

When used as a strategic platform for business transformation to customer-centric banking, Eontec delivers an operationally driven single view of customer and empowers financial institutions to roll out innovative services by exploiting existing CRM and legacy systems. Eontecs technology enables financial institutions to respond faster to new opportunities and competitive pressures by managing the combination of outsourced operations and insourced product origination that will characterize banking in the 21st century.

Eontec pioneered Java” technology in Financial Services and was the first company to offer true multi-channel banking software. Our implementations offer a unique dual benefit � tailored solutions for immediate priorities and a reusable asset for future demands. Today Eontec offers a proven J2EE”-based solution. Composed of business functionality, multi-channel services and an integrated assembly environment, Eontec” realizes the promise of component technology � flexibility, speed and cost reduction. Founded in 1994 by banking and IT specialists, Eontec is based in Ireland and the United States with regional offices in Canada, Germany, the UK, Japan and Singapore. The major investors in the company include Warburg Pincus, Bank of Scotland (Ireland) and ICC Private Equity Fund.