National Life and Norshield launch Global Trading Fund

Partnership continues to grow with latest hedge fund offering

MONTREAL, Sept. 29, 2003 – National Life, a strong performer in the insurance and financial industry, and Norshield Financial Group (“Norshield”), an established leader in the management of fund of hedge funds, today introduced the National Life Global Trading Fund.

The introduction of this Fund signals the continued growth of the partnership between the two companies. The key benefit of this partnership to National Life and Norshield clients is that it provides them with access to better and more innovative products. This Fund, which seeks to anticipate changes in global economies and make investment decisions to take advantage of these emerging trends, is a good example.

“The Global Trading Fund is an excellent option for investors seeking consistent returns and security in today’s volatile markets. This Fund is also an ideal complement to our well-received National Life Multi-Strategy Fund,” said Brenda Moore, Director of Marketing, Retirement and Investment Products at National Life. “Widely accessible, this Fund is also offered as part of our Hedge Accounts, a unique category of investments, for universal life policyholders. We believe our brokers and clients will continue to benefit from the products that flow from our partnership with Norshield.”

The Global Trading Fund is a segregated fund offered through National Life’s Alternative Investment Strategies. The advantages of the Fund include:

  • A capital guarantee of 75% with an acceptable management expense ratio relative to segregated fund industry standards;
  • Greater accessibility via a low minimum investment requirement of $1,000;
  • Active management that extends beyond the selection of equities, fixed income or hedge styles;
  • Risk reduction through strategy diversification; and
  • An ability to capitalize on almost all market trends.

In addition, the Fund provides greater diversification through allocation to a diversified group of Investment Managers who employ a variety of trading strategies in global currency, fixed income, equity and commodity markets. These strategies focus on anticipating and taking advantage of emerging trends in global economies. Moreover, the structure of the Fund provides an added advantage: a potential for higher rate of return coupled with better protection against risk.

“Our partnership with National Life strengthens Norshield’s ability to provide clients with better, more innovative investment products that can be easily accessed through our combined service offerings and distribution channels,” said John Xanthoudakis, CEO of Norshield Financial Group. “We’re pleased with our growing relationship with National Life and look forward to producing even more innovative products in the future.”

National Life’s Hedge funds are also available as investments in their Universal Life products, a first for the Canadian marketplace.

About National Life:

National Life has been a strong performer in the insurance and financial industry for over a century, with a reputation for service excellence and product innovation. Providing individual insurance, group life and health insurance, and retirement and investment products across Canada and in parts of the Caribbean, National Life is a trusted name in the financial industry. Working in partnership with top independent producers, National Life’s network of expert resources provides long-term wealth management solutions to clients. National Life is a member of the Industrial Alliance Group of Companies, with over $17.9 billion in assets under management and under administration.

About Norshield Financial Group:

Norshield Financial Group (Norshield) specializes in three areas of alternative investments: product creation, proprietary research and consulting. As a seasoned and successful money manager, Norshield also provides alternative investment advice to a diverse range of clients, including financial intermediaries, institutions; pension and investment funds; foundations and high net worth individuals. Its areas of expertise include tactical market timing, managed futures, risk management and multi-manager, multi-fund alternative investment strategy.