CSA’s Help Seniors Cope

Seniors control 80% of the Independent wealth in Canada

VANCOUVER, Sept. 24, 2003 – Finally in Canada there’s an educational program that gives financial professionals the ability to better serve the rapidly growing Boomers and Seniors population.

Not just with market and statistical information that is often confusing and not trusted, but with ethical and honest appreciation of concerns facing 50+ and seniors. Seniors need to hear from a trusted advisor who understands their circumstances in life and how to best cope with financial, social and health issues.

Based upon 15,000 CSA-trained professionals who have redefined the way they serve mature clients, the Canadian Academy of Senior Advisors is bringing this acclaimed educational course and designation, Certified Senior Advisor (CSA(R)), to the tens of thousands of Financial Services professionals in Canada. First class is December 10-13, 2003 at Simon Fraser University,
Vancouver, B.C.

“The Canadian team of experts that will manage the development of the CSA designation in Canada is without peer” says Ed Pittock, International President of the Society of Certified Senior Advisors. Over 100 leading industry associations and corporations have supported and endorsed this program for their members and advisors who market to Seniors.

For Additional information, call 604-293-1840 or visit the Canadian Academy of Senior Advisors at www.CertifiedSeniorAdvisors.ca.