Canadian Consumers Travel Online for Trips

22 September 2003

A recent study from Ipsos-Reid determines that 35% of Canadians say their primary source of information for upcoming travel is the Internet, whereas only 14% say the same about travel agents.

Also of note is the 14% of Canadians who say they get information about upcoming travel from family friends and associates.

Ipsos bases its findings on two sets of surveys each conducted among a nationally representative sample of 1,000 adults. The company reports that 36% of Canadians have booked some aspect of travel online, a significant rise since September 2000 when just 18% said the same. Furthermore, 54% say they are either “very” or “somewhat” likely to use the Internet to purchase their next trip.

For an idea of how the Ipsos numbers compare to the US, Nielsen//NetRatings reported in July that over one-half of at-home and at-work Net users had booked a hotel online within the past three months while over 40% had made an airline reservation.

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