InSystems Launches Calligo™ Doc Services

Feature-Rich, High Volume, Scalable Document Services Facilitate Complex Distribution Requests; Multiple Rendering Capabilities

Markham, Ontario, September 3, 2003 – InSystems, a leading provider of solutions for transactional-portal and document-intensive business processes announces the availability of InSystems Calligo Doc Services, an enterprise software platform that complements core business systems by managing simple to complex, event-driven document processing.

InSystems Calligo Doc Services allows insurers to quickly respond to evolving market and customer requirements. Changes can be made to documents, content/packaging, and distribution channels, without having to make changes to core systems.

InSystems Calligo Doc Services can automatically trigger a range of activities that cover the entire document lifecycle such as:

  • Retrieval of documents from repositories such as file systems, FTP servers or InSystems Calligo’s Document Management System (DMS)
  • Assembly of simple to complex personalized, complex documents/packages like policies, letters, contracts and booklets
  • Rendering to multiple formats including Microsoft Word, PDF, TIFF, HTML, PCL and Postscript
  • Delivery via multiple channels such as print & mail, fax, email and the web to multiple recipients.

In addition, organizations can define their own custom services.

InSystems Calligo Doc Services seamlessly integrates with IBM� Websphere Application Server and Websphere� MQ to offer enterprise scalability and ease of maintenance. InSystems Calligo Doc Services leverages existing document repositories and industry standards such as Microsoft Word and XML.

All business processes requiring document-oriented activities can leverage InSystems Doc Services, even if the associated systems are not integrated. Through the use of InSystems Doc Services, document processing can take place in a synchronized manner, overcoming the limitations of non-integrated and possibly heterogeneous systems.

The solution works equally well in Product Development (e.g. State Filings and Transmittal Packages) Sales and Marketing (e.g. Quotes, Sales Proposals, One to One Marketing and Agent Communications), and, Fulfillment and Underwriting (e.g. Policy Packages, Agreements and Benefits Booklets) and Customer Service (e.g. Correspondence, Claims, Bills and Statements).

“Organizations are looking for modular solutions that enable them to immediately address requirements for personalization and timely delivery of documents,” said Rich Medina, Principal Analyst with Doculabs (, an independent research and consulting firm. “InSystems keenly understands the insurance industry and the issues that surround it. By being
both tactical and extensible, InSystems Callgo Doc Services enables insurance organizations to meet customer expectations for highly personalized, custom delivered documents today, while allowing those carriers to build extensible document infrastructures over time.”

“InSystems Calligo Doc Services allows carriers to more effectively manage their document-based communications with all constituencies while enforcing business and regulatory rules,” said Andrew Jackson, General Manager, Software Solutions and Chief Marketing Officer, InSystems. “The solution offers personalized and customized service on a recipient’s terms whether traditional print and mail or electronic fulfillment. InSystems Calligo Doc Services extends the production proven InSystems Calligo suite, automating the entire document issuance process from document creation through document delivery enabling insurance organizations to realize operational efficiencies.”

About InSystems

InSystems is premier provider of insurance portal software and the leading provider of software solutions for the automation of document-intensive business processes. Only by using InSystems solutions can financial services organizations deliver web-based personalized sales, fulfillment, and service capabilities across all of their relationships, boosting efficiency, decreasing costs, improving service and increasing revenues. Founded in 1989 and based in Toronto, Canada, InSystems (, a wholly owned subsidiary of Standard Register (, has more than 350 insurance customers in 24 countries, including over 50 of the largest insurance groups in North America and over 55,000 life insurance agents and agencies.