E-Mail Open and Click Rates Rise Year-over-Year

2 September 2003

According to the latest “E-Mail Trend Report” from DoubleClick, e-mail marketing open rates and click-through rates rose in Q2 2003 year-over-year.

Since the first quarter of this year, however, open rates have declined from 39.2% in Q1 and click-through rates have fallen to 8.3% this past quarter from 8.9% in Q1. Nonetheless, it is important to note that legitimate e-mail marketers can carve a space for themselves over time.

DoubleClick’s report is based on aggregate data from hundereds of DoubleClick clients who sent 2 billion permission-based commercial e-mails using the company’s DARTmail delivery technology. DoubleClick notes that companies in certain industries fared better than others in Q2. For example, e-mails promoting retail companies and catalogs experienced delivery rates of 91.3% this past quarter — up from 85.4% in Q2 2002 — while click-through rates rose 9.8% over the year.

Wondering what techniques you can use to optimize e-mail results? The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) finds that 57% of marketers use personalization techniques while 49% use demographic segmentation.

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