MIB’s Trend Tracker Provides Life Insurers Their Timeliest Gauge of Application Performance

(WESTWOOD, MA. August 21, 2003) � MIB Group, Inc., the premier provider of risk management information and knowledge services to the North American insurance industry today released the MIB Trend Tracker, a new product providing “real-time” competitive business intelligence to MIB member companies. Based on monthly inquiry activity to MIB’s fraud detection database, Trend Tracker benchmarks a company’s monthly life insurance application activity against the industry as a whole as measured by the MIB Life Index and a customized competitive peer group of MIB member companies. Delivered days after month-end close, Trend Tracker is the earliest marketing data and competitive analytics available to life insurers today. Details available at www.mib.com/trendtracker.

Trend Tracker is comprehensive, capturing the sales activity (actual application counts) for the North American life insurance industry. Because it is driven by inquiries made to the MIB database, an underwriter’s first step, Trend Tracker delivers exclusive new business metrics at the earliest point of acquisition. “Trend Tracker takes the pulse of market activity close to the producer level giving insurance marketers an early detection tool enabling higher quality, pre-emptive decisions in shorter time frames,” says Fran Marinelli, Chief Marketing Officer at MIB.

Marketing analysts, market researchers, competitive analysts and product managers at the MIB member use Trend Tracker reports to analyze campaigns, assess markets, conduct competitive analyses, fine-tune product development, measure growth, adjust new products and predict future activity. “As a diagnostic tool, Trend Tracker’s age demographics instantly identifies and trends the character of new life business coming in the door,” continues Marinelli. Sensitive to privacy and confidentiality issues for over a century, MIB’s business rules exclude the use of personal information and ensure that individual company data is rendered unidentifiable in Trend Tracker’s peer group analysis.

Robert Child, Director, Strategy & Business Development for Allstate Insurance Company, an affiliate of the Allstate Corporation (NYSE: ALL), an early adopter of the Trend Tracker utilizes the data in a variety of applications. “Trend Tracker is an exceptional tool for comparative market analysis providing valuable, timely data that Allstate could not otherwise acquire. It’s provided particular insight into fluctuating age demographic trends in life insurance applications post September 11th,” says Child. “By leveraging MIB’s historical application trends, Allstate has developed new ways to improve sales modeling through correlations with equity market movements and consumer confidence trends,” he continues.

About MIB

MIB Group, Inc., headquartered in Westwood, Massachusetts, is the premier provider of Internet-based information and knowledge services to the risk management market space in North America and a leading facilitator of electronic insurance commerce. MIB customers underwrite over 95 percent of the premium dollars for individual life insurance written in the United States and Canada. MIB Group, Inc. companies include MIB, Inc. and e-Services Corporation, a leading investor in e-Nable Corporation. For more information visit http://www.mib.com.