Transamerica blends investment expertise and capital protection in new, streamlined family of guaranteed investment fund

TORONTO, August 6, 2003 – Simplified choice and powerful protection are at the heart of Transamerica Life Canada’s next generation of segregated funds – imaxxGIF(TM).

Transamerica Life Canada today unveiled 20 innovative guaranteed investment solutions that offer Canadians the opportunity to grow and preserve their capital. imaxxGIF is a range of optimized guaranteed investment funds (GIFs), asset allocation GIFs, and guaranteed investment portfolios (GIPs) to suit the financial planning needs of every investor.

To create imaxxGIF, Transamerica has streamlined its most sought after investment solutions from the Transamerica Investment Portfolio (TIP) and introduced some additional underlying fund managers. Advisors can prudently diversify clients’ capital across style, sector, geographic region and market capitalization with a single investment in a suitable imaxx(TM) TOP guaranteed investment portfolio.

Advisors can also choose to reinforce the imaxxGIF international investment expertise, and protect their clients’ capital from market volatility and changing circumstances, with three maturity and death guarantee options from Transamerica. Additional features include an automatic annual reset of the death guaranteed amount to capture any market growth, estate-planning benefits and potential creditor protection.

Geraldo Ferreira, Vice President Investment Product Development and Marketing, explains: “The combination of investment guarantees and expert money management has proven to be an attractive alternative for investors who, although nervous about volatility in the markets, understand the long-term benefits of sensible equity investing.”

Mark Jackson, Chief Investment Officer at AEGON Capital Management Inc., the portfolio manager for several imaxx GIFs, notes that investors are seeking a more balanced combination of value, growth and security. “While investment sensitivity will likely persist in the mid-term, investors and their advisors continue to turn to alternative investments like guaranteed investment funds, that combine insurance security with exceptional money management talent.”

“We have absolute confidence in the remarkable collection of investment managers within imaxxGIF,” adds Mr Ferreira. In addition to AEGON Capital Management, imaxxGIF is supported by a group of leading third-party fund managers: AGF; AIC; AIM Trimark; Bear Stearns Asset Management; CI Funds; Fidelity Investments; Foyston, Gordon & Payne; Mackenzie; TD Mutual Funds and Transamerica’s two new TOP partners – Brandes Investment Partners and Franklin Templeton Investments.

The introduction of imaxxGIF has harmonized Transamerica’s guaranteed investment offering and simplified choices for advisors and their clients.

Transamerica Life Canada is a market leader in the sale of individual life insurance and segregated funds. Through a national network of 18,000 independent advisors, Transamerica Life Canada helps Canadians meet their financial goals and preserve their wealth through innovative financial products and services.

Transamerica Life Canada is a member of the AEGON Group, one of the world’s largest insurers. AEGON N.V. and Transamerica Life Canada have consistently received strong financial ratings from Standard and Poor’s, Fitch and A.M. Best Company. In 2002, Transamerica Life Canada earned more than $560 million in life insurance premium income and recorded over $7 billion in total assets under management.

imaxx is AEGON Fund Management’s innovative wealth management solution for Canadian advisors. imaxx was launched in June 2002 and incorporates individual funds, asset allocation portfolios, advisor tools and training.


imaxxGIF(TM) Fund List

  • imaxx(TM) Guaranteed Investment Funds
  • imaxx Canadian Money Market GIF
  • imaxx Canadian Bond GIF
  • imaxx Canadian Fixed pay GIF
  • imaxx Canadian Balanced GIF
  • imaxx Canadian Equity Growth GIF
  • imaxx Canadian Equity Value GIF
  • imaxx U.S. Equity Value GIF
  • imaxx Transamerica TD Dividend Income GIF
  • imaxx Transamerica Mackenzie Ivy Growth & Income GIF
  • imaxx Transamerica Fidelity Canadian Asset Allocation GIF
  • imaxx(TM) Asset Allocation Guaranteed Investment Funds
  • imaxx Conservative Asset Allocation GIF
  • imaxx Balanced Asset Allocation GIF
  • imaxx Growth Asset Allocation GIF
  • imaxx(TM) TOP Guaranteed Investment Portfolios
  • imaxx TOP Conservative GIP
  • imaxx TOP Balanced GIP
  • imaxx TOP Growth GIP
  • imaxx TOP Aggressive Growth GIP
  • imaxx TOP Canadian Managers GIP
  • imaxx TOP U.S. Managers GIP
  • imaxx TOP Global Managers GIP

imaxxGIF(TM) Quick Facts

  • Three levels of guaranteed protection of principal on death and maturity – 75%/75%, 75%/100% and 100%/100%
  • Simplified reset process – automatic annual reset of Death Guarantee on contract anniversary to capture increases in market value
  • Seven imaxx(TM) TOP Guaranteed Investment Portfolios – ready-made portfolios constructed from some of the best third party mutual funds available to Canadian investors
  • Three imaxx(TM) Asset Allocation Guaranteed Investment Funds – carefully selected mix of global equity indexes in convenient single fund solutions that correspond to clients’ varied risk profiles
  • Ten imaxx(TM) Guaranteed Investment Funds – featuring the expertise and proven track records of leading investment managers backed by protection from Transamerica