Heavy rains and strong winds in the Victoriaville region

Montreal, QC (Aug. 5, 2003) – The Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) wishes to inform citizens of the Victoriaville area who are affected by heavy rains and high winds from insurance coverage for the damage they have suffered.

Damage by water

Damage resulting from flooding caused by overflowing watercourses such as seepage is not covered by home insurance policies.

On the other hand, if the heavy rains have caused sewer backups, the insured who have availed themselves of the rider for the sewer backflow will be compensated. The following table outlines insurance coverage for water damage.

Types of damage Coverage
Flood caused by overflowing watercourses Not covered
Overflow of water from public drinking water pipes Covered
Overflow of water from sanitary facilities Covered
Infiltration of water through doors, walls and windows Not covered
Sewer backflow or overflow Covered by the sewer back-up rider

In addition, damage to vehicles during a flood will be covered by the protection commonly referred to as fire, theft and vandalism of Chapter B of the insurance policy automobile.

“Due to the diversity of the damage suffered, it is strongly advised to the victims of contact their insurer or broker to verify the extent of coverage their insurance contract and this, as soon as possible “reports Mrs. Andrée Cadieux, spokesperson for IBC.

Strong Winds

Damage caused by high winds and the falling or striking of objects on buildings (houses, cabanas, outbuildings, etc.) are covered by the majority of home insurance contracts.

In the case of motor insurance, damage to vehicles will be covered if the insured has purchased the fire, theft and vandalism protection of Chapter B which includes coverage for this purpose.

Measures to prevent further damage

In addition, the victims are invited to take all the necessary precautions to protect their property and to avoid any aggravation of the damages and any risk of contamination. For this purpose, the IBC advises the victims to follow the directives of the departments of Community Health and the Ministry of Public Security for the cleaning and decontamination of their homes and properties.

The IBC also advises disaster victims to keep all invoices or vouchers for expenses incurred as a result of the damage and to take pictures or videos of damaged property.

For more information, the Insurance Information Center is open Monday to Friday, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Policyholders can get answers to their questions by calling (514) 288-6015 or 1 (800) 361-5131.

Insureds can also find all the answers to their questions by visiting the “Well-settled claims” section of www.trousseassurance.ca. They will find all the details to prepare their claim and the process surrounding the settlement of their claim.

The Insurance Bureau of Canada is the national association of the majority of property and casualty insurers in the country.