Why Canadian Net Users Aren’t Buying Online

1 July 2003

A recent study of Canadian Internet users from Ipsos-Reid determines that 46% of those users who have never bought something directly from the Internet say they have not done so because they prefer to shop in other ways.

While 28% cite shipping costs as the reason they have not yet bought online, a notable 28% note follow-up complaints or concerns as the reason why they have not bought anything directly online.

As for the procedure of buying online, Net users told Ipsos that they were concerned about the security of giving their credit card information online (49%) as well as the privacy of putting their personal information online (34%).

For a better idea of how many Net users are not buying online, eMarketer reports that there were 14.9 million Net users in Canada at the end of 2002, and projects that there will be 17.8 million by the end of this year. Furthermore, Statistics Canada reports that there were 2.2 million online buyers in Canada by the end of 2001.

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